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We’re on summer holiday and we’ve invited some of our friends to share their voices and projects here over the next 2 weeks. Say hello to Liz Tamanaha:

Summer, you are my fave

Hi There!  I'm Liz Tamanaha, a Southern California girl married to the most amazing husband and mom to 2 little girls that are the light of my life. I'm also a memory keeper with a penchant for minimalist aesthetics and the designer behind paislee press. I'm a long time fan of Ali Edwards and couldn't be more thrilled to be a guest blogger for her today while she's away having the time of her life in Paris (and hopefully making time to indulge in croissants and crepes and other delicious eats that the French are so good at making).



Summertime is my absolute fave. The leisurely pace. The extra hours of daylight. The balmy "don't need a cardigan" temperatures in the evening. Something about this time of year beckons me to slow down. This summer though, I found myself still going at full speed, working late into the night, feeling wound up, cranky and tired exhausted. Then I read Ali's Summer Manifesto post, and as these things tend to happen, it was the exact thing I needed to read at that exact moment.  A gentle reminder to slow down and carve out time for fun.



My initial Summer Manifesto was a list of 19 things. Things that I wanted to do with the girls (like take them to their first movie at the theaters, go swimming, go bike riding) and things I wanted to do for me (date night with my husband, a weekend with girlfriends and sleep in) and then there were things that have been on my to-do list all year (decorating our walls with photos, organizing around the house).




In the end I decided to take the "organizing/decorating" type things off the list and ended up paring down to 12. It's a nice even number to work with and it can easily be worked into my project life album as an 8.5x11 insert.


This is the beginning of the summer manifesto insert. I printed our list of 12 things on an 8.5x11 transparency sheet (left), which I plan on laying over the photo collage (in progress, right). Each square represents one item on the list.




I'm a huge fan of  the classic photo grid/collage design. So clean and straightforward and it always looks good!  The collage is only part way done and already I love it. Can't wait to fill up the remaining squares with photos of our summer adventures!

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22 thoughts

  1. Caylee

    2013-08-08 06:17:36 -0400

    Ah, Liz. You are awesome as always.

    * edited 08/08/14 05:52PM
  2. Alida

    2013-08-08 08:36:32 -0400

    LOVE this idea. The grid with transparency over is so effective, think I'll try it once summer comes to this half of the globe.

    * edited 08/08/14 05:52PM
  3. Maggie

    2013-08-08 08:52:22 -0400

    Such a fan of Liz's style, and this gorgeous layout is no exception! Totally inspired!

    * edited 08/08/14 05:52PM
  4. Monika Wright

    2013-08-08 09:13:47 -0400

    This idea is so fabulous, I cannot even tell you Liz. Enjoy the adventures left on your list!

    * edited 08/08/14 05:52PM
  5. J Allen

    2013-08-08 09:19:58 -0400

    I love this....great inspiration! Thanks for sharing ;)

    * edited 08/08/14 05:52PM
  6. Debra

    2013-08-08 10:05:07 -0400

    LOVE this Liz!

    * edited 08/08/14 05:52PM
  7. molly

    2013-08-08 10:13:48 -0400

    Beautiful, Liz.

    * edited 08/08/14 05:52PM
  8. Dawn

    2013-08-08 10:31:58 -0400

    This is an amazing idea but how do you do a grid with a transparency over it?

    * edited 08/08/14 05:52PM
  9. Patti L

    2013-08-08 11:02:57 -0400

    Very cool idea. Clean lines. Love the white.

    * edited 08/08/14 05:52PM
  10. stacyk

    2013-08-08 11:32:38 -0400

    Wow this is an awesome idea! I love the effects using transparencies! If only I knew how to print on them. Thanks for sharing!!

    * edited 08/08/14 05:52PM
  11. Abby

    2013-08-08 12:57:02 -0400

    Simply AWESOME! I went over to your shop/blog/home and found SO MANY digital goodies that I must have! Great idea above, and great ideas on your website.

    * edited 08/08/14 05:52PM
  12. Jennifer K

    2013-08-08 13:16:17 -0400

    Love this idea of the transparency grid over the photos! Awesome!

    * edited 08/08/14 05:52PM
  13. Veronica

    2013-08-08 13:55:47 -0400

    oh amaze me!!!

    * edited 08/08/14 05:52PM
  14. Keianna

    2013-08-08 14:57:13 -0400

    love that transparency idea, TFS

    * edited 08/08/14 05:52PM
  15. Donna M

    2013-08-08 15:12:09 -0400

    One fav designer blogging on another favs blog! It's almost Spring here and your post is perfect timing to write my own summer list. Thanks for the inspiration.

    * edited 08/08/14 05:52PM
  16. Kathy

    2013-08-08 16:40:04 -0400

    Your grid of photos look great and I am a big fan of Ali's manifesto and while I have bought her digital template I haven't done this project yet. Maybe because it's winter in Australia maybe. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

    * edited 08/08/14 05:52PM
  17. Kristi Bicknese

    2013-08-08 16:53:24 -0400

    I love your "summer is my favorite" word art. Is that available for purchase anywhere?

    * edited 08/08/14 05:52PM
  18. Robyn :)

    2013-08-08 21:40:03 -0400

    I happened to be in Pasadena on the evening of the 12th of July, too!!!! I live in Kansas, but was visiting and my BFF and I went to Old Town that night.

    * edited 08/08/14 05:52PM
  19. Brandi

    2013-08-09 12:44:03 -0400

    I also am in love with the word art "summer is my favorite" - is that available? Thanks so much for sharing. Amazing as always~

    * edited 08/08/14 05:52PM
  20. Michele H.

    2013-08-09 14:57:24 -0400

    love this idea liz!

    * edited 08/08/14 05:52PM
  21. Karen P.

    2013-08-10 15:44:26 -0400

    I love the grid! I'm a "minimalist" as well and always felt like a fish out of water not using all the embellishments people love. (And their pages look lovely.) But when I try it... it just doesn't work. I like your style. :-)

    * edited 08/08/14 05:52PM
  22. Invitations Perth

    2014-03-01 20:44:09 -0500

    I'm a mother of a 2-month old baby and I hardly have time to do anything else aside from taking care of her. Thanks for giving me an idea. Maybe I should have a list two. At least start by giving a little time for my hubby. :)

    * edited 08/08/14 05:52PM
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