I Like It When You Laugh


I came across this image and quote on Pinterest the other day and it was one of those moments where I read it and everything in my world stopped and it got really quiet.

A flood of times that I remember as fun swept over me. Those times when I was delightfully alive.

Yesterday morning I dropped Simon off in his first period classroom (he asked me to walk with him in there - I'll take it as long as I can get it my friends) and he wanted me to stand on a balance ball-thing they have on the ground (here's a photo of him standing on it a few days ago). I did it and I looked at him and smiled really big and laughed out loud and he looked right back at me and said, "Ah, I like it when you laugh."

I can remember Chris saying that to me in years past. "I like it when you laugh." It was always a wake-up call and a reminder to lighten-up and let go.

I've also found myself saying this to Aaron from time to time when I catch him in a moment of delight. An unrehearsed, uninhibited smile (with dimples no less). To him I say, "Man, I love it when you smile."

Katie read this post earlier today and promptly told me that I laugh around her all the time. I think that's a very good thing.

The weight of life can be heavy at times. I can be way-too-serious and/or stuck in my own ways of how I think things should be done or relentlessly "in my head." I can also be really, really fun. Yes, I remember this too.

These people I care very, very much about are telling me something and I know what it feels like to see it in someone else.

I'm listening.

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  1. Christin Dukes

    2013-09-19 15:18:45 -0400

    Awesome post Ali! It reminds me to be in the moment more!

  2. glenys

    2013-09-19 16:21:01 -0400

    Ali you are so inspirational. So raw and so true. many thanks

  3. TracyBzz

    2013-09-19 16:21:04 -0400

    I love to laugh. I prefer comedies when it comes to tv shows and movies. Often when I'm doing office work or cooking I'll pull up bloopers or mixed funny scenes from my favourite shows to listen to in the background. I love that we can now pause live tv, so when I'm laughing so loud I can't hear what's going on I can pause it and not miss anything. Laughter really is good medicine. Of course tv is not the only thing I laugh at. Nothing like being with family or friends and just laughing until your stomach aches.

  4. Karen Bagdonas

    2013-09-19 17:13:08 -0400

    Thanks so much for this post. Just what I needed today.

  5. Kelley

    2013-09-19 17:22:58 -0400

    It is true, being me is so fun and getting to know me bring love into my life. I wish this for all to take this challenge! Have a great sleep everyone!

  6. Joan

    2013-09-19 18:11:26 -0400

    Beautifully said. Thank you. :)

  7. Maureen

    2013-09-19 19:25:03 -0400

    What an excellent reminder on what's important in life!

  8. J3SS1C4

    2013-09-19 20:33:46 -0400

    Love this... A much needed reminder for me! :)

    I try to laugh whenever I can, and smile as much as possible too, but sometimes I get super serious as well, and it's never as fun!

  9. Sue K

    2013-09-19 23:06:45 -0400

    thank you for sharing, my eyes welled up with tears reading how your son said he "loved it when you laugh". such a beautiful moment. and i love that quote - it's so true.

  10. Barb Mc

    2013-09-19 23:41:18 -0400

    Find your joy!

  11. Gypsy Chaos

    2013-09-20 01:18:54 -0400

    Thank you for the reminder! Much needed. Life is too serious these days around my home.

    That balance thingy? It's a Bosu Ball. I am jealous; you make it sound like you just hopped on and stood there! Back in the days of seeing a personal trainer, he would have me stand on one - OMG. My balance is SOOO so very bad. Bosu Ball is not one of my favorite things!

  12. Lisa

    2013-09-20 05:19:46 -0400

    You are so brave.

  13. Michelle Kelly

    2013-09-20 07:33:47 -0400

    Resonates on so many levels. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Lindsey

    2013-09-20 10:45:47 -0400


  15. Patti L

    2013-09-20 11:40:05 -0400

    It's weird how timely and relate-able your posts are... I have def struggled lately and I also go to Pinterest to look at the quotes I've pinned just to remind myself of my core and goals. Ugh, I get it, its tough. The day to day and being someone who is in constant quest for meaning and peace. I actually have to "yell" at myself to "get out of my head" sometimes. Meditation has helped me a lot. Thanks for the thoughtful post.

  16. Carrie H

    2013-09-20 11:42:32 -0400

    Thank you for this!!! It has been a struggle to get through moments of my day lately.... this is a fabulous reminder!!! Thank you Thank you!!

  17. sylvia howard

    2013-09-20 13:22:35 -0400

    Wow! I needed this, especially now. You made me cry and I hope to be laughing soon! I used to laugh a lot, I love to laugh, I want to laugh! I love it when I laugh, just love the feeling. I need to lighten up as well...here's to more laughing!

  18. Kele

    2013-09-20 13:39:09 -0400

    So beautifully said! A wonderful reminder to take the time to enjoy and smile/laugh at the little things. Reading this really brought a smile to my face, thanks for sharing this.

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  20. Melonie

    2013-09-22 08:13:44 -0400

    Beautiful honest post. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Melanie

    2013-09-23 15:34:54 -0400

    Truly lovely words Ali! Sometimes I find myself in those moments too where life just stops and I'm struck by how damn awesome and wonderful life can be. Makes me want to keep living louder!

  22. Shereen

    2013-09-23 15:50:40 -0400

    I feel like I take life way too seriously these days, but don't know what to do about it. So many stresses. So much desire for my children to be happy. I was in the car the other evening driving my husband and 2 of my grown children. There was a moment when they all three said the same thing at the same time, in exactly the same way. In that moment I was so glad to be stopped at a stop sign because I laughed so hard, we all did. Moments like that are way too few, I want more!

  23. Beatrice

    2013-10-01 01:45:06 -0400

    Your post today touched me so deeply. I used to laugh a lot but nowadays, unexpected tears are the norm. I am doing my best to move away from that which seems to completely overwhelm and drown me. My twin boys also tell me that they like it when I smile and laugh reminding me how rare I do that now, that they have to comment on it just to get me to do it more. Even for them to do something silly just to get a smile and laugh out of me. Then I feel a sadness and regret that I am not being my best me around the best people in my life.

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