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  1. Kristen

    2013-11-14 17:33:18 -0500

    Have to have them all Ali!! You are amazing!!!!!!! :)

    * edited 08/08/14 05:54PM
  2. Sandra

    2013-11-15 09:11:43 -0500

    No wonder you have your DecDaily figured out by August! Happy holidays to all.

    * edited 08/08/14 05:54PM
  3. Rachel

    2013-11-21 15:34:36 -0500


    I want to take advantage of the DD sale, but I have a question about some of the December Daily files. Are the dates editable...I want to use them for another project (my anniversary album) and need to change dates and days of the week. Is this possible in Photoshop? Thank you.


    * edited 08/08/14 05:54PM
  4. amy

    2013-11-21 23:22:49 -0500

    I bought the 4x6 journaling cards but I'd like to print them in white. I don't have PSE. Is there a way to print them? I see the "blackwhite" ones in the download but they are all black, not white. Thanks :)

    * edited 08/08/14 05:54PM
  5. blog

    2014-04-06 03:46:01 -0400

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