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December 30, 2013

One Little Word® 2014

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My One Little Word for 2014 is thrive.

This year, more than any other I can remember, I’m starting off the year with questions. What does it mean for me to thrive? What does it look like? What does it fee like? Are there areas in which I’m already thriving? What’s realistic vs. visions of what I have in my head of what it means to thrive?

Open was an awesome word for me last year. It was a touchstone as I navigated my way through growing pains and man oh man did it work in a million different ways I could not have imagined when I started 2013. More often than not when faced with a decision, I chose to open more rather than closing off which was my number one intention last year. That said, I feel like I’ve been spinning in circles a lot this past year. I’ve been reacting vs. being proactive and have been dealing with a variety of issues related to stress and growth (totally all part of my own life journey).

To me thriving is optimal living. It’s being present and awake and stepping up to be my best self physically, emotionally, spiritually, creatively and within my relationships.

It’s not a quest for perfection. It’s an opportunity to continue choosing to let go of things outside of my control and to figure out who that best-me-right-now really is.

It will be a whole new journey and I’m here to tell you I welcome it wholeheartedly.

Bring on 2014.

This year I invited my friend Elise Blaha Cripe to film a little video about her experience with One Little Word. One of the reasons I admire Elise is that she is awesome at follow-through and documentation. I’ve loved reading about her experience with her words over the last few years on her blog and she inspires me consistently with her projects and her real-life reflections.

Here’s Elise in her own words:

Thank you Elise for sharing about your own journey here.


Are you considering selecting a word for yourself (or letting one find you)? There’s no right or wrong. The main thing to remember is that this is your word. It’s not for your child, parent, partner, spouse, sister, etc.

And what do you do with this one little word?

You live with it. You invite it into you life. You let it speak to you. You might even follow where it leads. There are so many possibilities.

SHARE YOUR WORD THE COMMENTS | I’d love to read what word you’ve chosen or are considering for 2014. In the comments feel free to simply leave your word as your comment or write a bit about why you are choosing this word. In a couple days I’ll combine all the words into a single post – super inspiring to see all the words in one place.

If you’re new to the concept of One Little Word, you can read some of my previous posts here: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.

ONE LITTLE WORD® 2014 | To help keep your One Little Word® more visible throughout the year I offer a year-long workshop featuring one prompt per month. Read all the details and sign up here. Registration is $5 off until December 31.


  • 1.
    Thinkie said…


    • ….
      Laura said…

      Light is my word for 2014, too! So much possibility.

    • ….
      Amanda said…

      This is my first attempt diving into using one little word as a guide for the year. So fro the next 12 months, my word is “endeavor.” I’ve been to full of self-doubt and lacking the oomph to just go and try or do things, so this year I will endeavor.
      Looking forward to see how you navigate thriving this year.
      xo A

  • 2.
    Nina said…

    I’ve taken part in One Little Word for the past five years and each previous year I looked at everyone else words to inspire me. This year, about a month ago, my word found me! My word is MOVE and it has multiple connotations, some of which I know I can even imagine yet. I’m setting myself a reminder on my phone everyday to think of something that day which is related to my word, and I’ll collect them all in a journal.
    2014: my year to MOVE.

    • ….
      dawn said…


      I love this idea and will do it also. My word is on my wallpaper but this will really make take action each day towards my word. Thanks for sharing and good luck with your word!

    • ….
      Crystal said…

      How funny, my word is Move, too!

  • 3.
    dawn said…

    My word found me for the first time and it’s already been amazing and working in my life. SO EXCITED ALI!!! I can’t wait till class starts, I’m going to be a crazy mess these next two days waiting, lol.

    My word is PRAY

    I love your word Ali and thoughts on it! Thank you Elisa!

  • 4.
    Mel said…

    My word this year is ME. Most of my life, I’ve chosen to put others and their needs ahead of my own, and especially as I’ve dedicated the past 3 years plus to caregiving for two family members. It’s time to focus more on myself, what I need, what I want from life, what matters to me. I’m looking forward to the journey!

    • ….
      Isabelle said…

      I chose my word with the exact same motivation as you did. :-)

    • ….
      Amy said…

      Me too! :)

    • ….
      Melissa said…

      My words Me too

    • ….
      Sissi said…

      I just discovered this (through the Diva) and I love reading the words for everyone but I’m so excited to see that other people choose the same word as I did : ME.
      On the other hand it’s kind of sad that we have the feeling we have to take care of ourself in such a way, right?
      But I choose the word for the same reasons as everyone else. Because it soundet right.

      Thanks for this challenge!

  • 5.
    Isabelle said…

    Move forward.

  • 6.
    Armalite said…

    My OLW for 2014 is FORWARD, and I’ve blogged about it here (in French):

  • 7.
    Deb said…

    My word is DARE

  • 8.
    Dawn Ritchie said…


    • ….
      Cheryl said…

      My word for 2014 is FLY. I often operate from a place of fear or limits and this year I want to live from a place of endless possibilities, courage, and openness.

  • 9.
    Cheri said…

    KIND/ Kindness

  • 10.
    Lisa said…

    Attract … this year I am ready to attract the right people, the right things, the right harmony into my life. But first I have to send the ripples out, so that I can receive them back. That is my goal for myself this year.

    Thank you Ali! I have participated in OLW since it began, and it chronicles my life journey best. I love reflecting on my chosen words. I had to research my early ones by going backwards in time in your comments section.

    May you find your path to thrive in 2014!

    • ….
      Natalie said…

      I really really like your word choice!!! My word is nourish. But I want to Attract people in my life who nourish my soul!!

  • 11.
    eva scott said…


    • ….
      Ellen said…

      Beautiful word!!

    • ….
      Jan said…

      That’s my word too, it found me this year, I was going to have heal but this word kept cropping up last sign was one of my students giving me a stone with it on and she said she thought it was my word for the year so I said it is now :)

  • 12.
    Diane said…

    It took a lot of brainstorming and many many words listed in my journal before my word found me for 2014.
    Light is my word and I can’t wait to see how it unfolds for me. Thanks Ali!

  • 13.
    Tammy said…


  • 14.
    Cii said…

    A couple of months ago I wrote an email to a friend about my expirience with OLW, an by writing I noticed there is one aspect in my word (and in my life, of course) I really need to give more room: I have to be more in the moment, live more in here and now. So in Oktober I decided to choose MOMENT for 2014.

    I’m really excited to start.

    Thank you Ali for this class!

  • 15.
    Barb said…

    My word is BRAVE. I am anxious to see how big my brave is and how my life might change when I choose to be brave over just taking the easy road out.

    • ….
      Cathy said…

      My word is BRAVE. In every area, in every aspect. The “courage to change” has been rising up in me for several years so exercising bravery will be what it takes to move me down the road. Sara Barreilles’ song and video were the clencher for me:)

      Hello 2014. I wanna see me be brave.

    • ….
      Savanna said…

      My word is BRAVE as well. I think it will be my theme for a lot of things. Here’s to a BRAVE year ladies!

  • 16.
    KellyO said…

    My word for 2014 is RENEW. I’ve chosen a OLW every year since 2008 and most years it has been an awesome experience. This year I will be renewing commitments in a lot of areas of my life especially in the health and fitness zone along with work and home projects.

    Looking forward to creating the scrapbook page that will hang in my office as a tangible reminder of my OLW.

    • ….
      Kate said…

      I too chose Renew. My husband has used our winter holiday break to tear the interior walls off our living room/kitchen/dining area. The floors and ceiling will be next. As my home is renewed through his labor so I am renewing–friendships, breath work, Spirit, and physically. This is my 59th year and by my 60th (Sept) I am hoping that the butterfly emerging from this chrysalis I am beginning to explore around me will be soaring in her new habitat.

  • 17.
    sherry said…


    • ….
      Sara said…


  • 18.
    Denise said…


    or maybe


    They are both speaking to me, or maybe I need a word that is a combination of these two words. Basically, this year I need to commit to some things, and see them through to completion. I need to finish the things I commit to.

    • ….
      Elisa said…

      I have both of these words on my list. Also contemplating Execute and Plan. I’m leaning strongly towards Plan with the thinking that in order to commit and finish I need to plan. Plan also incorporates intentional living for me.

    • ….
      Shirsha said…

      Commit is my word as well. I am notorious for starting things and not finishing them. But I have also realised that the few things that I have committed wholeheartedly to, I have achieved tremendous success. I hope to incorporate my word more into my life…to make it more all-pervasive. Hope it works out to be fantastic word for you, Denise.

  • 19.
    Stacy Buller said…


  • 20.
    Tammie said…

    I’m thinking my word will be COURAGE for 2014

  • 21.
    Daphne said…


  • 22.
    Krys said…

    My work is RESPONSIBILITY. In 2014 I am going to take responsibility for my own life, for all those little things that I always look at and think “if only…” I considered trust and believe and positivity as my words, but taking responsibility for my life means that I will find each of those things for myself.

    • ….
      Kimmy Davis said…

      Nice! Responsibility is now on my short list!

  • 23.
    SherriS. said…

    Past OLW’s were Wisdom and Focus and they helped me grow tremendously. This year my word is….EnJOY. It feels good and right.

  • 24.
    MK said…


    • ….
      Mallory said…

      That’s mine too!

  • 25.
    Caroline said…


    This year I’m hoping to find what it is I need to do, feel and be. I feel like it’s not going to come to me, I need to go and find it.

    • ….
      Wendy O. said…

      LOVE IT!

  • 26.
    Amy B said…


    • ….
      Sue said…

      Me, too! Love how this word can go either way!

    • ….
      Zaiya said…

      I much prefer inavimftroe articles like this to that high brow literature.

  • 27.
    Alison L said…


  • 28.
    orange gearle said…

    Ali and Elise are the first two blogs I read each morning. I love seeing you together! :-)

    This is my third year with the class — my word is Fearless.

  • 29.
    Kim U. said…

    This is my first time doing One Little Word, but I am very excited about it. Up until about a week ago I was going to choose the word “Less,” but then after going through some of the old lists for OWL I found a word that encompasses what I am trying to do even better: “Curate.” I want to spend this year cutting back so I can appreciate the things I have more fully.

    • ….
      Peg said…

      Ooooh, I like this one. Thanks for sharing!

    • ….

      I have been tossing around a few words including Simplify, but I LOVE your word “Curate”. Beautiful way to simplify and focus on what is important. Thank you for the added inspiration.

  • 30.
    Ali Gitt said…

    Hello…I love it. So many possibilities and I plan on incorporating it into my title cards of project life each week. Can’t wait. First page. Hello Everyday.

  • 31.
    Courtney N said…

    Two words have come to me for 2014: action and enough. Action is something I need to do more of in many ways: Being physically active, as well as acting on tasks at work and at home as opposed to procrastinating or putting off.
    Enough came to me in the last week or so. Having enough “stuff” is something I want to be more conscious of in the year ahead, and reminding myself that I am enough is something I need to do more of.
    Thanks, Ali, for sharing this concept with us and for the inspiration you provide to those of us who follow your blog.

    • ….
      Kathy L said…

      ACTION is my word as well for all of the reasons that you mentioned and more. So inspired and excited for 2014.

  • 32.
    Gayl said…

    My word is FINISH -

    This marks my 6th year of doing a simple word. I read Elise Cripe’s blog post today and I agree,knowing how influential my words have been in guiding me through the years. I love how they are a constant reminder, how they keep me authentic, how satisfying it is to reach year end and realize I followed my word through-out; one of the best personal exercises ever!

    • ….
      Sarah said…

      Finish is my word, too. This is my first time doing One Word & I’m hoping this will help me finally follow through & actually *finish* all sorts of projects I have lying around as well as finishing or at least following through on various life goals.

      I considered many words, like organize, but realized they were all more like New Year’s resolution words than ones that resonated with me. Then all of a sudden I heard “Finish” & realized that overall my life is really good — except for all the things I haven’t finished. I want to get better at actually finishing the projects I care about & also learning to let go of the ones I don’t. I also hope to learn to tell the difference between the two so I will be less likely to start projects I end up abandoning!

  • 33.
    Wendy said…


  • 34.
    Katrina said…

    MY 2014 OLW is Forward. I blogged about it recently –

    Love this practice, Ali!

  • 35.
    Laura said…

    As much as I am resisting it, I think Fitness needs to be my 2014 word. :)

  • 36.
    Leah said…


  • 37.
    Flora said…


  • 38.
    Tiffany said…

    My word for 2014 is BELIEVE.

    I hope for a lot of things to change for me in 2014, to make some daily struggles a little bit easier. I am choosing to BELIEVE that everything will turn around for me if I stay positive and work for it.

    • ….
      Marilyn said…

      This was my word in 2013. You will be amazed at how this will affect your whole life. I kept my word visible all year long. It was the screen saver on my computer, it was printed and placed in strategic locations – my wallet, on my bathroom mirror, as a bookmark, and I even set up emails that I sent to myself that I pre-programmed so that I would receive them all year long. I even received a Christmas present with my word in a frame, and this person knew nothing about OLW. I hope your experience with your word will be as rewarding for you as it was for me.
      Good luck and happy new year.

  • 39.
    ksmou said…


    This year for the first time in 33 years how I spend my time and days will be up to me. My choice.

  • 40.
    Jessica Wilson said…


  • 41.
    Alicia said…

    This year I’ve set “embrace” as my word. I plan to embrace my life, myself, my heart, everyday, moments, memories, opportunity, etc….

    • ….
      Nicol said…

      That’s a good one. I thought I had chosen my work but now I think I’m going to wait a bit to decide.

  • 42.
    Tinkster said…

    My word is shine. I’m going to shine this year. In so many ways. My kids are going to shine. I want my marriage to shine.

    • ….

      Awesome word and intentions. :)

    • ….
      Carol said…

      I love this – making your marriage shine. It’s beautiful. It’s spoken to me, this word is on my shortlist now. Good luck and thank you for inspiring me x

  • 43.
    Kim N said…


  • 44.
    Alissa said…

    My word is prosper – it found me while I was staring at last year’s list. I had several others but after reading the definition I know this was my word as it encompasses two things I want to focus on in 2014: financial stability and fitness.
    This is the first year where a word as felt very right from the beginning.

  • 45.
    marynbtol said…


    • ….
      pam said…

      BE is one of the words I’m considering. BE brave, BE compassionate, BE kind, BE me. The other word is FIND. I’m really struggling with finding my authentic self after years of taking care of others first. Either way I believe it will be a powerful word full of change.

    • ….
      Debbie said…

      Be was a good word for me…if you need quotes or images check my Pinterest board “One Little Word:2012 Be”
      So many good things out there for “BE”…. May it BE all yu hope it will BE :)

  • 46.
    Tashia D said…

    This year I chose the word CHOOSE. We have so many choices in life, big and small, and I need to embrace that on a daily basis.

    • ….
      Heather said…

      This is the word I’m leaning toward as well. It was “choose” or “embrace” for me, but for me “choose” sounds a bit more deliberate, and I think that’s how I’d like to approach the coming year.

  • 47.
    Karen L. said…

    I have the word “Focus”. This past year I seem to have just “flitted” around and feel like I have not accomplished very much. So this year I am focusing on my health(diet and exercise), finishing scrapbooks for my grandkids(5 not done), organizing my house and most importantly focusing on my relationship with God. It’s going to be a busy year but one I look forward too.

    • ….
      Dionne said…

      This is my second year doing OLW and I also chose FOCUS for my 2014 OLW. Many of my reasons are similar to yours. There was a definite feeling of not doing all I could and being easily distracted. I’m looking forward to the journey this year and all that may come with FOCUS.

    • ….
      Melissa said…

      This is me — exactly! I’ve been thinking about my OLW for the past several weeks and just couldn’t put my finger on what it would be…Seek, Legacy, Learn, Grow, Minister, Move, Pray…. I so badly want to get my priorities back in order instead of like you said, “flitting about”! :) And yet, I still couldn’t decide on a word. I’ve spent the morning contemplating what I wanted 2014 to look like. I want to move more and eat less, give more and spend less, take more time with my family & friends, ministering to them — rather than worrying about things that are not in my control. And I want to do more scrapbooking — and actually FINISH what I start! :) More than anything else, I want to trust God completely and make Him the center of everything I do. Funny thing, as I was journaling & researching, I received an invitation from a facebook friend this morning to an Online Bible Study entitled: Focused. And that was my lightbulb moment. Focused is my OLW for 2014.

    • ….
      Rachel said…

      I’ve chosen focus as my word too. With a new baby and a whole new array of things to do I felt as if my brain was all over the place 2013. Focus is what I want to do this year.

    • ….
      Gabrielle said…

      This is the exact word I need & for all the same reasons. This time next year I want to feel I have achieved things & for that to happen I actually need to focus on lots of different aspects. Thank you :-)

  • 48.
    Carrie said…


    “This is your world. Shape it or someone else will.”

    2014 will be a year of actively shaping my life into what I want it to be — professionally, relationally, physically, emotionally.

    • ….
      Peg said…

      This is a good one, I just got a glimpse of lots of ways it could apply to the things I’m thinking about. Thanks for sharing!

  • 49.
    Mel said…


    This is my first year joining in. In past years I have pondered choosing a word but it never felt right. This year I was reading Karen Grunberg’s blog a few weeks ago and noticed that she had updated her ‘word’ to the 2014 one. Her word is listen and something just clicked with me too when I read her word.

    Listen picked me and I just knew I was going to undertake this year long journey.

    Thanks Ali and Elise. Love you both for constantly inspiring me.

    • ….
      karen said…

      here i was checking if anyone else picked listen!! :)

      Listen spoke to me midway through 2013 and would not let go. Even though other words came to me, too, listen was always the strongest.

      I like that listening can happen on many levels and they all require me to be present and pay attention:
      Listen to myself: My body, my soul, my heart, my brain/thoughts, and my gut
      Listen to others: be open, stop and hear as opposed to preparing a reply, choosing to receive
      Listen to the universe: Pay attention and see the signs, listen to messages, listen to what the universe is whispering, the sounds of nature

      here’s to a year of listening :)

    • ….
      Ang said…

      LISTEN was my 2013 OLW. Great word, good luck with it in 2014!

      I wasn’t thinking about a word for 2014 until I saw Elise’s post and BREATHE was the first thing that came to mind. It just popped into my head as soon as I saw her blog post title. It feels right so I’m not going to over-think it.

  • 50.
    Anne said…

    BE – I wasn’t even thinking about OLW, just looking ahead to 2014, and there it was. Amongst everything that goes on regardless, day-to-day, I need to remember to just BE :)

    • ….
      Melinda said…

      I picked BE also! I’m very excited about this word. I’ve picked a word for myself each year for the past 4 years but this is the first time I’ve registered for the OLW course. I’m really looking forward to the monthly prompts to keep my word present with me all year. Afterall, that’s my focus. To BE present. In the moment. Feeling my feelings. Thank you for doing this each year, Ali. And hope BE is a fantastic word for you, Anne.

    • ….
      Janine said…

      Hi Anne
      I chose the word be last year. I had been through a very difficult couple of years and I just wanted to allow myself to be. No expectations, no great projects. It was a great year, and as I started feeling stronger, projects naturally came into my life that I was happy to take on:)

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