Weekend Creative | Celebrate December With Free Printable Gift Tags


I'm interrupting my normally scheduled December Daily™ posts to share some fun free printable gift tags with you as you enter the weekend. I recently connected with Avery (the makers of all kinds of great office supply products - you know how much I love those 2-inch index tabs for Project Life® and December Daily™) and they sent me some printable tags and stickers to play around with this holiday season.

Here's a look at the tags after printing and punching out the tags:


Today I chose to work with the Printable Tags with Strings and created a downloadable PDF of the designs for you to play around with (see the designs above).

Click here to download my design for the Avery Printable Tags.

You can also add a little something to these with some washi tape - I added Teresa Collins' Santa's List Washi Tape along the edge of the noel tag.


You can also download the printable tag template from Avery and create your own designs to work with their tags.

Thanks Avery for inviting me to play along!

Hope you have a great weekend!

17 thoughts

  1. Bonnie Lamothe

    2013-12-06 18:55:58 -0500

    very cute! thank you!!

  2. Christine

    2013-12-06 19:52:07 -0500

    Thank you, Ali!

  3. annette allen

    2013-12-06 21:37:58 -0500

    cool..thank you

  4. Megan Anderson

    2013-12-06 22:15:20 -0500

    Thank you! These are lovely; the stamped-looking texture of the all-caps font is amazing!

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  6. Michelle

    2013-12-07 02:00:21 -0500

    Thank you, downloaded and printing as I type, super cute!

  7. Sylvia

    2013-12-07 02:54:14 -0500

    So cute!!! Thanks so much!

  8. peggy mahlik

    2013-12-07 06:45:44 -0500

    THANKS Avery & Ali!!! I sense a song coming on here! LOL!

  9. Dawn F.

    2013-12-07 07:19:27 -0500

    Thank you to all!

  10. Janet

    2013-12-07 08:54:34 -0500

    Thanks so much! ~God bless~

  11. Kim

    2013-12-07 09:06:11 -0500

    Thanks Ali…Have a wonderful weekend! :)

  12. michele

    2013-12-07 09:13:05 -0500

    Dang wish I saw this last night before buying tags. :)

  13. Jewel

    2013-12-07 09:20:44 -0500

    These printable tags are seriously awesome! Thanks for the great download Ali. I am going to look for these tags today.

  14. Kim S (nerdgrl)

    2013-12-07 10:11:29 -0500

    Thanks! I also ordered the tags from Avery...Amazon Prime is a wonderful thing! No shipping or tax!

  15. Jenell S.

    2013-12-08 15:29:05 -0500

    Ali - wondering what font was used for the word tags (Make Merry), etc.?

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  17. Trish

    2013-12-23 07:12:58 -0500

    Thanks Ali for these fun tags.I just used another Avery product and love the ease of making quick labels. Thes will be fun , too! Happy Holidays!

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