Hello Story | 12-Week Online Workshop Registration Now Open


I’m excited to announce that my 12-week online workshop, Hello Story, is back again this spring for a second run at Big Picture Classes. This class will include the exact same content as when it ran last summer.

This is a live-class meaning that it has a start and an end date. It will run from April 3rd through June 25th. Registration is now open.

Here’s what I want you to know:

  • This is a layout class. I’ll be showing all new layouts and talking about the place where design + words meet. Each week I will also include an example for taking the story structure topic and using it in Project Life as an insert for those of you who are enjoying that memory keeping style at this time.

  • Each layout will include a how-to and ideas-to-note in the weekly handout. Most will include a video overview where I walk you through the creative process.

  • Each week there will be a printable or digital elements to go along with the story structure theme for the week.

  • This workshop is not solely focused on writing. It will definitely be a part of what is addressed but I’ve decided to approach the layouts in this workshop by starting with a design idea/theme first as a way to create a storytelling foundation. I’m branching out beyond some of my tried and true techniques and playing with a different approach by starting with these fun design concepts.

Here's a look at just a few of the layouts you will be introduced to in this workshop:


Feedback from people on my Facebook page who took this workshop last summer include:

  • "This was one of the best classes I've ever taken. If you are even thinking about it, sign up. You won't be sorry. Ali is a wonderful teacher and shares so much. It is definitely worth it." - Janet

  • "Best class ever!!!!!!" - Michelle

  • "Hands down best class ever!!! You see things you never thought of before!!" - Andrea

  • "Brilliant class - don't hesitate to sign up." - Cara

  • "Best class I have ever taken. I got so many awesome layouts completed and a wealthy of ideas." - Keianna

Click here for more details and to register.

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