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We had a quiet little Easter around here.

My parents showed up on Saturday afternoon - a pit stop for them on their way back down to the beach from the Seattle area. Aaron and the kids were here when they arrived so we had a full house for a few hours before Aaron and his crew headed back to their own house for their own celebrations.

We had dinner (baked chicken & roasted broccoli) and then got down to the business of coloring the eggs I had hard-boiled earlier in the day.


It was nothing fancy. It wasn't a race to make the coolest eggs. It's not pinterest worthy. But it was perfect.

My Dad asked the kids, "Do you know who really, really loves coloring eggs?"


"Your Mama." he told them after they guessed themselves and Grandpa.

It's true. I do love it. But I loved more watching the four of them do it together.


There were two spills of egg-coloring water. The purple and the orange. "No big deal." I said as I wiped them up.


Anna drew on the top of all the eggs once they were in the carton.

It was just the right amount where no one lost interest before we were done. There was an attempt to write names with crayons on the eggs before dying (a memory my Dad had from his childhood) but it never really worked. We talked about googling it but ended up just being happy with what was right there.


I set the camera on the counter to get one shot of all of us together around the table using the timer on my camera. Hi Simon! Nice smile for the camera.

After we completed the egg-coloring task we moved over to the big brown couch to watch The Black Stallion (remember that one?) and ate big bowls of popcorn (of course).

Anna fell asleep within 15 minutes.

Simon had a bowl of chocolate ice cream.

The holiday helper made it through the whole movie and then helped the Easter Bunny hide the eggs outside in the dark with flashlights.


6:30am Easter morning wake-up. Striped PJ's on my girl.

The baskets included a small collection of plastic eggs with candy inside, a lego set for each, hot-pink soccer socks for Anna, a Frozen coloring book, a Big Nate book and some bubbles.


And then we spent most of Easter day outside in the backyard. Hanging out. Planting. Weeding, Listening. Saying Goodbye and see you soon. Lounging. Loving.


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