1. 2017 Creative Team Call

    2017 Creative Team Call

    2017 is fast approaching and with that comes time to select a new Creative Team.  We are super thankful for all the hard work the 2016 team put into their projects this year. We wish them all the best as they continue to craft the stories of their lives.  For 2017 we are looking for a small group of m... Read More

  2. Story Kit™ & Story Stamp™ | Up

    Story Kit™ & Story Stamp™ | Up

    Today I'm excited to introduce you to the next story theme: Up. Up is all about movement - opening, waking, lifting, moving on, cheering, dressing, growing, raising, etc. This month we are investigating stories having to do with the word “up” and what that means to you in your own life. If you are already a sub... Read More

  3. These Kids

    These Kids

    These kids are rad.  This house is full. The toothbrushes have all been replaced and everyone now has their own color so there's no confusion about who and where.  It's good.  Here's a look at what's up with my crew right now:  Name: Audrey Age: 7 Totally into: Kittens, puppies, Shopkins... Read More