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That is a BEAUTIFUL necklace!

My, this is very hard....

I think my superpowers comes alive when my husband is deployed or
surged, I can be the mom & dad, the fixer of all things, not let my
son see or feal my fear, let him know that he is loved, just be there.
And that I help my DH to know that he has nothing to worry about us
here at home or the house, he just needs to do his job the best he can
& stay safe, while I do mine.

He has told me that he doesn't worry, cause he knows that I can do
anything that comes my way & needs to be taken care of, good or
bad, superpowers or not.

Thank you for this opportunity to write it down.

Posted by:
Carolyn E

I have to say that I loved reading all your superpowers throughout the day. What an uplifting, positive bunch of comments.

Carolyn - email me (ali at aliedwardsdesign dot com) with your information and I will pass it on to Andrea.

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