1. Cousins


    I'm thankful for my sister who traveled across the country so we could have a long-overdue get together. I'm thankful for two, full-of-personality 6-year olds, born a month apart, who love, love, love to play together.I'm thankful for pink. It's happy. I'm thankful for Katie who tells them to stand against the white wall in m... Read More

  2. On Being A Beginner

    On Being A Beginner

    On her very first day of swim team Anna jumped right in and swam four laps, barely stopping.  I'm not sure when the last time you swam four laps without a lot of rest, but it's truly not easy, especially if you don't have your side-breathing down quite yet.  "Swim Team is hard." she whispered to me as... Read More

  3. Anna Is 6

    Anna Is 6

    Earlier this week Anna celebrated her 6th birthday. Last night as I was putting this post together I scrolled back through my Anna archives here on the blog. Talk about a walk down memory lane. One of the reasons I love having a blog is that it is absolutely a digital visual scrapbook. Many of the stories I've written about A... Read More

  4. The Back To School Stories

    The Back To School Stories

    As I was eating lunch today I was thinking about how smooth back to school was for my kids this year. Almost too smooth - like when is it going to be tough? It obviously hasn't always been this way. There've been tears and frustrations and conflict and really rough transitions, especially for Simon. So far this year has been ... Read More

  5. Anna's Soccer Season Spring 2014

    Anna's Soccer Season Spring 2014

    The Soccer Chocolate Kittens first season came to a close a few weeks ago. And man it was so fun. This was Anna's first real soccer experience. She was on a team with other Pre-K girls from her school and they were in league comprised mainly of Kindergarten teams (meaning they were usually a little smaller and a little le... Read More

  6. And Just Like That She's Five

    And Just Like That She's Five

    My dear sweet Anna girl, Last week you turned five. People always say "it seems like just yesterday" but man it really does happen in the blink of an eye. It feels like you were just an infant. On your birthday I had lots of memories of your actual birth day - it was such a calm and peaceful experience. You were a wonderf... Read More

  7. Anna's 5th Birthday Invitations

    Anna's 5th Birthday Invitations

    As you might have seen from my last Weekend Lens post, Anna wanted a rainbow themed party for her 5th birthday. I loved the rainbow idea - especially since this time of year tends to be so grey outside (or white as the case may be). We (Katie and I - because that's how we roll around here) decided to create a photo card... Read More

  8. 10 Things Right Now | Anna

    10 Things Right Now | Anna

    1. You are in your first year (Pre-K) at a local Catholic School and you are a sponge for information. 2. You wear a uniform to school and your favorite thing to wear is the jumper/dress in either the plaid or khaki. 3. You like to help pack your daily snack and a couple days ago you let me know not to include anything wi... Read More

  9. She Just Likes To Play

    She Just Likes To Play

    Note taken on September 20th. This morning she climbed out of her bath and announced she was a cat. Meow. "Mommy pick me up like I'm a cat." So I wrapped her up in a towel and picked her up from the ground like I'd pick up George and carried her into her bedroom to get dressed for school. Our before-school-morning was... Read More

  10. 10 Things Right Now | Anna

    10 Things Right Now | Anna

    Photo by Katie. Watching Magic School Bus, Jake and The Neverland Pirates, Barbie Life In The Dreamhouse (3 minute episodes found on Youtube.) Loving Charlie and Lola books - she checked out 5 of them at the Library last week. Wanting to go swimming everyday, even when it's not sunny. Eating string cheese, nectarines (... Read More

  11. Stuff He's Saying | Stuff She's Saying

    Stuff He's Saying | Stuff She's Saying

    He's saying (age 11, end of 5th grade): Dude. What's going on Mom? What's up? This is awkward. I wish I had a bat cave. Hey. I love you Mom. She's saying (age 4): Somebody snuggle with me. I want to watch something. Who cares? Simon. Simon. Simon. Oh my gosh. (said very slowly and emphatically) Shakin my booty... Read More

  12. And Now She's Four | A Conversation With Anna

    And Now She's Four | A Conversation With Anna

    This little bundle of joy turned four on Sunday. Four years. Seriously? So fun to look back through the archives I have tagged with Anna - stories and moments documented from the very beginning of her existence. She was a big help putting together her invitations last week - writing her name on the pattern side of ea... Read More