1. Organizing Scrapbook Albums : An Update

    Organizing Scrapbook Albums : An Update

    Two things happened yesterday that spurred today's post. First I received a box of layouts back from Creating Keepsakes (all my layouts from the October issue - I think there were 14 total) that needed to go into albums. Second I received an email from a reader with some questions about organizing albums and pages for peop... Read More

  2. Q & A : Albums + An Organizing Update

    Q & A : Albums + An Organizing Update

    One of my goals this past weekend was to finish up that big album organization project I started a few months back. In addition to putting all those layouts into 12x12 albums I also wanted to get them labeled so we could actually tell what was inside. As I was putting the layouts into the page protectors I found that I nee... Read More

  3. Adventures in Organizing Albums.

    Adventures in Organizing Albums.

    This is what it looks like when you remove all of your layouts from the hodge-podge of albums holding them: This is all of them. All of my layouts from when I began scrapbooking in late 2002 to today. I haven't counted them yet but they came out of 28 12x12 and 8.5x11 albums. This is something that has been on my list to ... Read More

  4. More photos.

    My giant order from ScrapbookPictures.com came today. Super exciting to have all these photos in hand. Like I said in my post the other day there is really nothing quite as inspiring as a fresh stack of photos. I went with matte finish and am really impressed once again with the quality (and I do like that they are here in Or... Read More