1. Thankful Thought | No.7

    Thankful Thought | No.7

    Today I'm thankful for Lily. I'm thankful that she's still with us. She's my companion and pal and somehow tends to be healthier than ever (besides not really being able to chase the ball as much as she'd like). The other day I caught this shot of her while I was sitting at my desk. The fresh air was coming in the open wind... Read More

  2. Thankful Thought | No.6

    Thankful Thought | No.6

    Today I'm thankful for Facetime and technology that allows Aunties and cousins on two different coasts to chat "face to face." Last night Simon and Anna had a nice long chat with Auntie Jessica and cousin Gabrielle (with a quick appearance from Jeffrey). They talked about preschool, Halloween costumes, Simon showed them hi... Read More

  3. Thankful Thought | No.5

    Thankful Thought | No.5

    Today I'm thankful for a new-to-us outdoor swimming pool membership. It's just a mile or so from our house so it's easy to pop over there for a couple hours before or after dinner swim. Simon is in heaven - we've been there three days in a row now. I grew up spending summers at a local outdoor pool from the time I was may... Read More

  4. NINE | Thankful Thought No.4

    NINE | Thankful Thought No.4

    Today I'm thankful that Simon has been coming home, giving me a big hug, and then turning around and going right back outside to shoot baskets. NINE from Ali Edwards on Vimeo. Go, Simon go. Download Thankful Thought | 004 overlay here. Thankful Thoughts is a semi-regular series. If you've missed any of the previou... Read More

  5. Thankful Thought | No.3

    Thankful Thought | No.3

    Even though it's not my favorite place, I'm thankful for the joy the kids find at Chuck E. Cheese (and I'm also so very thankful that Simon was invited to a classmates birthday party which was the reason we went on a recent weekend). Download Thankful Thought | 003 overlay here. A couple people have asked if I have plans... Read More

  6. Thankful Thought | No.2

    Thankful Thought | No.2

    Today I'm thankful for the color I see bursting out, willing itself to bring beauty into the world. Download Thankful Thought | 002. Thankful Thoughts is a new semi-regular series. If you've missed any of the previous weeks please check out the archive. Thankful Thought | 001 included a rounded corner mask and a video tut... Read More

  7. Thankful Thought | No.1

    Thankful Thought | No.1

    I love that when my parents come to visit my kids only want Grandma to put them to bed. "Grandma do it." says Anna. "Grandma!" calls Simon as he rounds the corner to go upstairs to his bedroom. I'm so thankful for that relationship. I'm starting a new occasional series called Thankful Thoughts and you're invited to join... Read More