1. 2014 Reader Survey Results

    2014 Reader Survey Results

    Thank you again to those of you who took the time a few weeks ago to participate in my reader survey. There were close to 2700 responses and I appreciated the kind words, the support and the constructive criticism/suggestions/requests. One of the big reasons I wanted to do a survey (my first one for this site) was simply t... Read More

  2. Memory Keeping Q&A | Digital Scrapbooking

    Memory Keeping Q&A | Digital Scrapbooking

    ORGANIZATIONHEIDI | How do you organize your digital photos? TARALEIGH GRAY | This is definitely what I would ask too! Do you do it by calendar day or do you organize by event? What photo organizing software do you use, if any? How often do you back-up your photos and what methods do you use?AE | I'm currently using Aperture ... Read More

  3. Memory Keeping Q&A | Storytelling

    Memory Keeping Q&A | Storytelling

    Originally published in Creating Keepsakes | July 2006Taking some time to catch up with those recent Memory Keeping Q&A's. DECIDING WHICH STORIES TO TELLSLMNOTEC | I take so many photos each week/month/year. I am having a bit of a hard time deciding which stories to tell. They all seem important because they are happen... Read More

  4. Memory Keeping Q&A | Time & Motivation

    Memory Keeping Q&A | Time & Motivation

    SUZIE | I am really curious not so much about anything specifically scrapbook related but more as to how on earth you manage to do everything you do on a daily basis. JENNIFER | I would love to know * how you organize your day to manage work + family+ exercise + home. AE | I recently wrote a big post that addres... Read More

  5. Memory Keeping Q&A | Inspiration

    Memory Keeping Q&A | Inspiration

    Today's Q&A post is a collection of questions and answers about inspiration. NOELLE | Where do you get your inspiration for all the different projects you come up with? AE | Living with my eyes and ears open. Reading the newspaper. Listening to the radio. Watching people. Clicking links. Reading books. Paying attentio... Read More

  6. Memory Keeping Q&A | Photos

    Memory Keeping Q&A | Photos

    Today’s memory keeping Q&A deals with photos, cameras, photo storage, etc.I have to tell you that the process of working through all these questions has really made me re-think about my own personal processes for my photos once again. There are definitely things I want to do differently and continue to evolve as I mov... Read More

  7. Memory Keeping Q&A | Product Questions

    Memory Keeping Q&A | Product Questions

    I'd like to start off the Memory Keeping Q&A series with a look at questions related to specific products. Thanks again for asking! GO-TO PRODUCTS WENDY | I’d love to see more detailed pictures of what’s on your desk at the moment (ex. products you reach for most often and or your most recent go to favourites). AE | H... Read More

  8. Memory Keeping Q and A | Coming Soon

    Memory Keeping Q and A | Coming Soon

    Thanks so much for all the great memory keeping questions you left in the comments last week. I took some time over the last couple of days to read through each one and separate them into the following categories (because that's how my brain works): PHOTOS | Cameras, Printing, Organization, Backing-Up, Etc. STORYTELLING ... Read More

  9. Request for Memory Keeping Q & A

    Request for Memory Keeping Q & A

    It's been awhile since I did a big round of memory keeping Q & A here - August 2008 to be exact (you can check out that series here) - and I'd like to take some time over the next week to do that again. Feel free to ask anything related to scrapbooking, supplies, creative process, words + photos, organization, techniq... Read More

  10. December Daily : Q & A

    December Daily : Q & A

    [ 2007 + 2008 December Daily Albums ]Below are some Q & A's from the comments on Tuesday's post related to the December Daily Album. If you don't see your specific question listed it is likely that it was already asked before and is answered below. Also, check to see if your name was drawn in yesterday's December Daily gi... Read More

  11. Scrapbooking Q & A : Techniques, Photography + Printing

    Scrapbooking Q & A : Techniques, Photography + Printing

    TECHNIQUES (SEWING, STAMPING, CROPPING, ETC) I have a question that has been bugging me for a while. The strips of journaling that you and everyone else use so often. I can never seem to make my strips the same width/size using the paper cutter. I end up triming with the exacto and that works sometimes and others not so much... Read More