1. words + photos : thursday

    words + photos : thursday

    You've got some photos + you've got some words. Now what? Here's 10 ideas for keeping the focus on the words + photos in your projects: 1. Create most of your design on the computer (can also be called hybrid-scrapbooking: a mixture of traditional steps and digital/computer steps). Here's an example of a layout where the... Read More

  2. words + photos : wednesday

    words + photos : wednesday

    Today I want to focus on the words. What if you collected stories the same way you collect supplies? What if you did your journaling first, rather than last, in your creative process? What if you began paying attention to your life in a way that enabled the stories to free-flow from your fingers onto the page? What if ... Read More

  3. words + photos : tuesday

    words + photos : tuesday

    I am not a professional photographer. I just like taking photos. I like documenting my life's experience with photos that reflect the emotions and the relationships and that celebrate everyday life. When I create scrapbook pages I am striving for a complementary balance between words + photos. They are equally important to me... Read More

  4. words + photos : monday

    words + photos : monday

    Hello words + photos. For me, this is really the heart of scrapbooking. When I look back through all my layouts the ones I love the most are the simple ones that really focus on just the photos + the words. As so many of us know, it is way too easy to get caught up in the latest & greatest product, the desire for more, an... Read More