1. Supply Organization | Breaking Up My Story Kits™

    Supply Organization | Breaking Up My Story Kits™

    A week or so ago I responded to a question in the Craft The Story™ Facebook group (open to anyone who wants to chat about my products and memory keeping projects) about organizing my past Story Kits™ and I wanted to share them here as well. Lately, these are the two things that I'm focusing on in regards to organization: (1) ... Read More

  2. Thoughts On Block Scheduling

    Thoughts On Block Scheduling

    Months ago, on one of our planning days, Katie and I started talking about the ways we could be more organized and productive with our time and energy during the working hours. We keep fairly regular work hours (9-5) even though we have the flexibility to work at different times. Even with those regular "work hours" I felt we... Read More

  3. Around The Office | Spring 2014 Update

    Around The Office | Spring 2014 Update

    Ah, the office.Some of you have been wondering silently and some have been asking in the comments here or on Facebook "what about the office update?"Maybe I was waiting for it all to be perfect, even though I know it will never be (and I'm totally okay with that).Maybe I was waiting for us to settle in. Is over a year long en... Read More

  4. Tackling Those Unfinished Projects

    Tackling Those Unfinished Projects

    Over the last couple of months I've been thinking a lot about unfinished projects. Specifically unfinished memory keeping projects. This year I'm going to make it a priority tackle them and I'm going to share the journey here on my blog. Here are the steps I'm taking to make this happen: STEP ONE | Make a conscious choic... Read More

  5. Clear Stamp Storage Ideas from Jennifer McGuire

    Clear Stamp Storage Ideas from Jennifer McGuire

    Today I invited the amazing Jennifer McGuire to share a bit about her stamp organization. She created an awesome video sharing the system that's been working for her recently. Crafty storage can be half the fun when it comes to paper crafts so I wanted to share with you my tips for storing clear and cling stamps. Here... Read More

  6. AE Projects In Progress | The Office

    AE Projects In Progress | The Office

    Big things are happening here in the office this week. Katie and I are moving everything out in anticipation of new laminate wood floors being put in early next week. August marks three years of living in this house. Last January (2012) my Mom and Katie helped me paint the walls white (here's a look at it before it was p... Read More

  7. AE Behind The Brand | Aby Garvey of Simplify 101

    AE Behind The Brand | Aby Garvey of Simplify 101

    Today I want to introduce you to a new series of posts that introduces you to the people behind the brands that generously sponsor this site. I'm super thankful for their support and I hope you enjoy learning more about them! FIRST UP | Aby Garvey from simplify 101 How did you get started with your business? How long h... Read More

  8. Office Painting Underway

    Office Painting Underway

    My Mom and I are hard at work making a major change to my office here at home. After soliciting suggestions on Facebook and checking out all the different whites I'm using Benjamin Moore's Decorator White. Goodbye yellow office. Bring on the white paint. Read More

  9. Organizing Studio AE/Technique Tuesday Stamps

    Organizing Studio AE/Technique Tuesday Stamps

    As I worked on cleaning up my office last week I finally had a chance to get my newer Technique Tuesday stamps organized. Currently I'm storing all my Studio AE (monthly stamp club) and other stamps I've designed for Technique Tuesday in this little metal basket that I think came from Target at some point over the years. ... Read More