Ceiling Mounted Camera Details

A question I've often received over the last few years is about my ceiling mount set up for over-my-work-table filming. 

This was my Christmas present from Aaron a few years ago and it's really been an awesome investment and made filming simpler without a tripod getting in the way. 

This set up includes two different pieces: (1) a ceiling mount + (2) the arm that connects the ceiling mount to the camera. 

The camera I have connected is a Canon 6D. It easily snaps in + out securely to the arm. 

In the photo above you can also see the studio lightsstanding ring light that are also part of my office set up. Lockers are vintage from a sale many years ago and are still one of my favorite things. My art wall includes pieces from Mati RosePam GarrisonColleen Attara, a print about staying in your lane that Brene Brown offered at some point in the past if I remember right, Erin Gregory, a wall collage I made, a photo about living the length + the width, and a picture Anna drew of herself a few years back. 

Here's another view from the other side of my work tables: 

For more from my office check out my 2019 Office Tour (looks pretty much the same currently) or my archive of posts + the evolution of this room over the last few years

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