ScrapSmarter Experience 2021

Quick announcement to let you guys know that I'll be the Keynote speaker for the ScrapSmarter Experience in January 2021

ScrapSmarter is an online weekend of inspiration + education happening via Zoom on January 15-17, 2021. I'll be there to kick off the event with a keynote on Friday and Saturday features 10 classes with each instructor sharing a pre-recorded class session focused on teaching new skills, techniques, and concepts + interacting in a live Q+A. ⁠

Instructors for this event include: ⁠ 

Here's what's included with this event: 

  • 10 pre-recorded class sessions, one from each instructor
  • 10 live stream replays of the classes, including a Q&A session with each instructor
  • A downloadable handout you can print for each class
  • A live replay of the Kick-off party and keynote speech
  • A live replay of the Wind up Party
  • Entry into the prize drawings

Get $30 off the event registration by signing up here until December 15th. Regular price is $129. ⁠ ⁠

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