Weekend Creative : Write Something By Hand


When was the last time you incorporated your own handwriting into a project?

Do you wish you had a piece of paper with your grandmother's or grandfather's handwriting scrawled across? It's totally possible they weren't fans of their own handwriting either. Just a piece of paper with messy penmanship can be a powerful connection to the past.

Do it today. Write out a favorite quote or poem. Send it to someone. Paste it on a layout. Stuff it in an envelope and put it somewhere you keep special things. It is special.

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52 thoughts

  1. Danielle says…

    I happened to find a old tiny notebook in a box of thread on wooden spools that my Mom gave to me. It was filled with quotes, observations, a couple addresses...I said something to my Mom about it and it turns out that it was my Grandma's (her handwriting had changed enough that I didn't quite recognise it at first...), from back before she married Grandpa.

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  2. Courtney says…

    Ali thanks for the inspiration... it started the wheels turning to make this: http://courtbaker.blogspot.com/2009/09/anatomy-of-scrapbook-page.html

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