December Daily 2010 | Day Fifteen

Welcome to Day Fifteen!

I didn't feel like messing with any photos today so I went with a couple snowflakes and a letter.

The snowflakes were created following an idea presented in the December issue of Martha Stewart's magazine.

In the magazine they were made to be ornaments. I punched them using pages of a magazine and they're really too thin to be an ornament so I saved them to add in here.

It's a pretty simple process. Using Martha's Icelandic snowflake punch, punch seven snowflakes to make one larger snowflake. Adhere one tip on one snowflake to one tip on another snowflake to begin creating the larger one.

For the second page I typed up some wishes for my kids (see journaling below), hand-stitched a heart on the Starbucks cup holder, and adhered that to the top of the journaling.

I drew the heart lightly with a brown colored pencil before adding the red floss. I stitched the heart before adhering it onto the background cardstock.

Here's a close up on the hand-stitched heart:

JOURNALING : As I was thinking about what I wanted to write today, what story I wanted to tell, I started to think about life lessons and the things I wish for you in your lives. I love you both so, so much and hope to be around a very long time to watch you grow and discover all the amazing things there are to be wonderfully astonished by (in so many good ways) in this life. One of the biggest things I wish is that you take with you into your life as an adult the memory of a warm and loving home. A home where you were accepted just how you are; a home that welcomed mistakes and the opportunity to learn from them; a home that nurtured your interests and encouraged you to be successful in all sorts of non-traditional ways; a home that was safe and full of love. I wish & hope, when faced with the challenges of life, you find peace and strength in your heart. I wish for you that you both find a path that is just right for you and the knowledge that it’s ok to change your mind along the way. I wish partners in life for both of you who see you and love you for exactly who you are. I wish for you to see the world; to get out of your normal and experience new places and people. There might never seem like the “right” time - you’ve got to just make it happen. No matter what, I wish for you to remember that life is for living. For experiencing and moving and wondering and traveling and reading and learning and finding joy. And don’t forget the sunscreen.

SUPPLIES : Ali Edwards 2010 6×8 December Daily overlays; Bazzill White Swiss Dot Cardstock; Martha Stewart Icelandic snowflake punch; Fancy Pants Tradition Flocked Transparency; Jenni Bowlin Mini Bingo Cards Christmas

TODAY'S POST SPONSORED BY : Scrapbooks, Etc Magazine
A big thank you from me to Scrapbooks Etc. magazine for all their support of the 2010 December Daily!


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74 thoughts

  1. Jenny Childers says…

    I just love your December Daily idea...I made mine mainly out of paper and collages and am using the Reverb10 prompts for each day....thanks for the ideas!

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  2. messy gypsie says…

    Jenny, Im loving the reverb prompts also, they are adding a new dimension to this years december daily.

    Thanks Ali for sharing the heartfelt journaling, I love when the focus shifts to the stories. I have boxes of pictures but I would rather have had boxes of letters from my mom, so I hope to leave both for my kids.
    You are always so inspiring!

    Reply 0 Replies
  3. Kris says…

    You are always coming up with the most creative and inspiring pages. I loved your journaling today, thanks for sharing!

    Reply 0 Replies
  4. candy says…

    thank you for making it ok to not have to use a photo each day! great inspriation!

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  5. Carolyn HP says…

    Love the stitched heart on your starbucks holder, great idea, beautiful words, keeping you in my thoughts & prayers that everything comes back from the doctor okay, thank you as always for sharing your story Ali :)

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  6. Heather H says…

    Ali, such a warm letter from a mother to her childern about how to navigate this "thing" called life. An excellent reminder for an adult child (myself included) to see, at an exact moment of time, that our parents had fears, hopes and dreams even when they seemed so old to us. It's an unsteady feeling when facing a medical concern but you handle it with such grace and peace. Thank you for sharing your insights and your love of your life with us.

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  7. Barb in AK says…

    You just proved that a wonderful layout does not have to be all about the photos! That is beautiful and will always be "golden" pages to everyone in your family :-)

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  8. Lisa W says…

    Your journaling today. . .is perfect.

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  9. Michelle D. says…

    I love your journaling pages. They will be cherished by many for years and years to come.

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  10. Collette says…

    I love your wish that you hope your children will remember a warm and loving home. It really is the best gift you could give to them. I experienced everything you wrote about and it is truly a blessing, as you know yourself, and I'm sure your children will take the same with them. Every child should have that experience. It's also so wonderful that they will be able to read this when they are older. Love it!

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  11. Jen says…

    once again you have out done me!! you are just so creative and one step ahead of the curve! well done!

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  12. December Daily | Ali Edwards says…

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