Dear Anna, Love Katie

Dear Miss Anna,

Right now you are just bursting with energy and love, sometimes a little too much energy :)

Right now you love, love, love barbies. You love dressing them up and have them go to parties, on vacation, and to the grocery store.

Right now I've been missing you during the day while you are at school. I'm working with your mommy full time now as her assistant. Which is why I'm so happy I get to pick you up from school almost everyday.

Right now I have loved reading the titles to your paintings that you paint each week at school (your teacher writes the titles at the top of the painting). A few of my favorites have been "A princess waiting in her castle for the mermaid to come to her party" and "Ghosts playing in the ocean."

Right now you have a very strong opinion on almost everything you do. Which is sometimes accompanied by a foot stomp and hands on your hips.

Right now you have been more and more interested in what your mommy does and scrapbooking. Which is totally awesome.

Right now you are learning new songs at school for your upcoming Christmas performance. You've been giving us some adorable previews of these songs.

Right now you give the best hugs and kisses

Right now you love your new purple Ugg boots

Right now (and ever since I met you at 4 months old) I feel so lucky to be in your life. You bring me so many smiles and days of laughter.

Love you Anna girl.

Love, Katie

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And just a note to say that Katie has been one of the biggest blessings to come into my life. Not only is she an awesome employee (started out as our nanny more than three years ago) she has become one of my very best friends. I am so thankful for her every day and am so excited to be embarking on this next working adventure together.

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35 thoughts

  1. Jennifer L. says…

    You really are blessed to have Katie! Finding decent childcare was by far one of the most difficult endeavors I have had as a single, working mother. I would have given my left arm for a Katie! Good for you, and God bless Katie for being the warm, loving, helpful person she is. You deserve her!

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  2. Tricia Canonico says…

    So glad you found Katie! I was just thinking of you & your life post-Anna & pre-Katie! We still talk to and visit with our Jenna whenever we can. :)
    Happy to see Anna is enjoying her supergirl cape! I got the template for the cape off the internet somewhere. I enlarged lower case letters in times new roman & printed those for the initial on the back.
    Here's a link to the blog post about the capes I made for my Alice's supergirl birthday party. It includes other examples of the cape.

    Miss you guys! :)

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  3. Kristin A. says…

    This is so very sweet. Such a great idea to give these prompts to special people in the lives our children. Asking someone to write something can be daunting, but a few phrases to complete isn't such a big deal.

    Where did you get the cape? It is adorable.

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  4. donna c says…

    Don't we all wish to have a care-giver like Katie! Brava! Beautifully writtne!

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    1. donna c says…

      ***written! ;)

  5. kate says…

    this is so sweet. go katie! go anna! go momma!

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  6. Angie Blom says…

    What a treasure to have Katie .. And for Katie to be such a big part of your family! I love this !

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  7. Beatrice Farnum says…

    Would love to meet Ms. Katie!

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  8. 5.5 Tips For Beginning Memory Keepers | Ali Edwards says…

    […] to write about the things you’re thankful for, letters to your kids that document where they are right now, a list of the most meaningful moments in your life up to this point, etc. Scrapbooks are such an […]

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