Hello March + Giveaway Winners

Seriously, it's March.

That's either amazingly awesome or it's just all moving way too fast.

Around here March usually means a bit more sunshine. Spring Break will be happening later in the month. I'm getting all my tax stuff ready for the accountant. I'm dreaming about stuff coming to life in my yard (and it's a reality). I'm excited to see what this month has in store.


A very welcome to four new blog sponsors:

  • Stampin Mindy | A 30-year old stay-at-home mother of 3 designing digital scrapbook products. I love to stamp and scrapbook, I love my Design Teams and have worked so hard to get to where I am! I'm very grateful. Ohh and yes I'm totally addicted to Vampire Romance books :)

  • South Hill Designs | Jewelry is one of the best-loved ways for a woman to express herself. How much more exciting to create your own personal jewelry — to let the beautiful things you wear tell the world what matters to you.

  • Stuck On You | Over 17 Years ago busy Mom Carrie Felton needed something to identify her kids belongings. Carrie couldn't find anything so an idea was created to make personalized products for kids. Many years later we are still the original maker of the coolest name labels for kids.

  • Oragami Owl (from Amy Zarella) | You tell your stories with words...we tell our stories with jewelry. Features Living Lockets that are custom designed with charms that tell the story of your life and represent the things you love.

If you are interested in learning more about sponsor opportunities check out my Sponsor page or email Katie for more information.


I sent out a new Creative Lifts newsletter this past weekend. If you're not on the list here's what you can expect - new content (meaning content not available on my blog) related to creativity, memory keeping, and living a creative life. Sign up to receive this free newsletter here.


The One Little Word classroom has a new prompt now available for March. This is a class that you can join anytime throughout the year.


One person will receive a Silhouette Portrait™. US residents only please.

  • #475 • Praew P said…Thanks for a great giveaway Ali!

One person will win a medium silver locket, one medium coin and 3 charms from South Hill Designs by Sandy Burns.

  • #103 • Stephanie Penfield said…Love the giveaway!

One person will win Giveaway Package 1 , and one person will win Giveaway Package 2 from Stampin’ Mindy.

  • #58 • Kelly said…I love the necklace! Such a cute idea!!

  • #117 • Denise said…Bazinga! I love it!

Congratulations! If you see your name above please email us with your contact information.

Hope you have a great month!

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10 thoughts

  1. Callie Feyen says…

    LOVE your Creative Lifts newsletter! Your words are thoughtful, inspiring, and motivating. Thanks so much for taking the time to write it and send it out!

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  2. kelli says…

    was so excited to see the CL email this week! yay!

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  3. Jocelyn Thompson says…

    Congratulations to the winners! Thank you Ali for always inspiring and keeping it real! :)

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  4. Judi says…

    wow flowering already - we are getting 10 iches of snow today lol

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  5. TracyBzz says…

    On February 27 I said "what, in 2 more days it's March??" I was shocked.

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  6. Nicole says…

    What a beautiful photo, Ali. Spring is my favorite season with all the new growth and life.

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  7. Praew P says…


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    1. Ali says…

      Congratulations! Please email us with your contact info!

  8. Elaine Allen says…

    Congratulations Everyone!!

    Elaine allen

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  9. Deb says…

    How exciting!!

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