Digital Product Releases | 08.17.13


Four new products from me at Designer Digitals this weekend. Happy to be getting back into the swing of things after vacation!

First up: Days Of The Week Stacks


Hello Love


Love Stacked Banners


Travel Line Stacks

Have a great weekend!

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6 thoughts

  1. Sue from Seattle says…

    Welcome home and can't wait to see some of your Paris photos!

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  2. Abby says…

    Welcome back to the U.S.! Putting the Silhouette on my Christmas list so I can use your designs as cut-outs for PL. Love your work!

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  3. susan garner says…

    Looking forward to your blog getting back to normal I have missed you !

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  4. Lisa W. says…
    08/17/2013 glad your back safe and sound. REALLY we can't wait to see all the Paris pics:)

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  5. Missus Wookie says…

    Oh thank you for the 'where' banner! Off to add it to my cart :)

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  6. Elizabeth V. says…

    Ooooh! I'm new to all this and digital products are intriguing. I will need to learn more about how they work.

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