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We’re on summer holiday and we’ve invited some of our friends to share their voices and projects here over the next 2 weeks. Say hello to Jamaica Edgell:

Every time I come home from vacation, I find myself with a big stack of stuff—ticket stubs, menus, business cards, receipts, coasters, matchbooks, etc.—just waiting to be added to my scrapbook or made into a minibook. It can be overwhelming trying to figure out what to do with it all. Here are a few of my favorite tricks for getting it off my desk and into an album.

1. Resize it. Don't let the fact that the shopping bag you brought home is too big for your mini stop you from using it. Use a scanner or take a picture of the oversized / lumpy item(s) so that you can crop, enlarge or reduce the size just like you would with any other photo. Then print it out and paste it in.


Here I scanned the receipt for our drinks (how great is the hand-drawn cocktail?) and beer list so that I could shrink them to fit into the 2" x 2" pockets of the slide protector pages along with other photos and bits from our trip.

2. Group like items together. Sometimes it makes more sense to group several similar items together, like business cards or parking stubs. Putting them together turns them into a collection; making them more interesting than they might otherwise be on their own.



3. Make layers. Staple smaller items to transparencies in front of a supporting photo. Add see-thru pockets to tuck tickets into. Use the packaging. Layer some detail over the broad strokes like a receipt over a menu to tell more of the story.




4. Remember it's paper. Use that postcard like a piece of cardstock; treat that menu like the patterned paper it is. Go ahead, add something on top or paste a photo to the back of it.



5. Use envelopes. When all else fails, tuck it into an envelope. Try a glassine or vellum envelope if you want to see what's inside. Or, if it just doesn't look pretty use a solid envelope and "archive" it. You can always pick a bright color or decorate it.



ABOUT JAMAICA | Jamaica Edgell is a designer by day, crafter by night. You can see her love of infographics, pretty paper and neon pink reflected in her project life style scrapbooking and ever-growing collection of mini-books. Follow along with the rest of her crafty adventures at jamaicamakes.com.

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11 thoughts

  1. Cynthia H says…

    LOVE tips three and four. About to leave on a two week trip to Europe and I am so bad at actually using the ephemera I collect. These tips help me rethink what to grab while I'm there! Thanks!

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  2. KateJB says…

    Love this. I always save paper bits ever know how to use them

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  3. Pink Ronnie says…

    Amazing tips, Jamaica! I love your style. :)
    Ronnie xo

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  4. Christine V says…

    Love Jamaica's style. Thank you for the tips! Will definitely keep them in mind next time I go somewhere.

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  5. Monika Wright says…

    Awesome tips, but adding all like items together to form a collection is brilliant. Going to try this one on my next mini!

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  6. karen c says…

    I LOVE all your tips Jamaica! I also come home with bags full of paper memorabilia and I'm forever trying to incorporate it into albums. This is a great post! I'm going to hop on over to your blog and read your archives! :)

    Thanks Ali for the great guests you've been having!

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  7. kristi says…

    you had to put the picture of me in the muji fanny pack on here... dang.

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  8. kristi says…

    you had to put the picture of me in the muji fanny pack on here… dang.

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  9. Lisa W. says…

    THIS is awesome...I love mini books, AND I really love how you put this all together. Truly enjoyed...thank you:)

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  10. liz says…

    You are the queen of mini travel books. Now I want to take a little trip just so I can make a book. Love everything you do Jamaica!

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  11. liz says…

    The Powell's bag as an end cover is GENIUS. Love it, Love YOU.

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