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Hey friends! Today I wanted to share some Creative Team inspiration using the Click Digital Story Kit™

Also - a quick heads up that I'm doing Day In The Life™ today in case you forgot or missed the announcement. Read more details here

Each month we take the designs from the Story Kit™ and Story Stamp™ and turn those into a digital kit (not all products translate but most do). The Digital Story Kit™ is only available during the month that the story theme is live (until the14th of the month). The best part of the digital kit is that you can use the designs again and again vs. a physical product that is a one-time-use. You can also adjust the sizes of the elements to fit your own specific design. 

You can subscribe to just the Digital Story Kit™ - or if you subscribe to both the Story Kit™ and Story Stamp™ you receive this kit for free. 

Here's a look at what the team made with the kit this month (a combination of digital and hybrid projects): 

Annette Haring // Love how Annette took two pieces of word art and enlarged them to create her title. And of course I always love stories of the reason why. 

Sasha Farina (click to see a post on her blog about this page) // Awesome enlarged word-art title from Sasha - she's so great at combining embellishments. Love the stitching here as well. 

Pam Baldwin // Adorable photo and banner to go along with it. Pam printed the word art onto a tag and combined it with a bunch of other embellished tags, strung together across the page with twine. 

Lindsay Bateman // Love the scale Lindsay used here in terms of making her photos small and pairing them with a bunch of repeated hearts and the word photos. 

Kelly Schmidt (click to see a post on her blog about this page) // Nice combination of words and photos on Kelly's Project Life spread. I like seeing how she used the journaling cards to hold her stories. 

Emily Webster // Emily's spread is such a great reminder that simple is lovely. 

Donya Gjerdingen // Donya took the 4x6 "here's the story" card (a personal favorite of mine) and turned it into a 3x4 to fit her design. 

Cristina C. // Cristina used a variety of products here to document her story of visiting Chengdu, China. 

Teresa Victor // I really liked how Teresa enlarged the number banners and how she placed the "take more pictures" circle embellishment inside the camera. 

Hope you have a great week!

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5 thoughts

  1. mtercha says…

    Oh, my...all of these spreads are amazing. From Annette's essay to Donya's beautiful photo of her son peering into the tree to Christina's fun use of the products with her fun photo's and the wonderful PL spreads, they are all so awesome, amazing and inspiring. I love Lindsay's super fun collage and Sasha's stitching and awesome embellishments, Emily's adorable photos and beautiful handwriting, and Pam's lovely enlarged photo, love those kind of layouts. The tag banner is so clever, too, a great idea. I love how Teresa used the banners, too, and her photos are so cute. And Kelly has so many interesting photos, and the colors she chose work so great together, looks awesome. So much fun inspiration. Thanks for sharing. Your design team is awesome. Michelle t

    Reply 2 Replies
    1. Sasha says…

      You're so sweet! Thank you!

    2. CristinaC says…

      Thank you for the kind words!

  2. kjifmm says…

    OK, so when the "Click" kit arrived at my house, it wasn't speaking my language. True. Wow, now it is. I am so inspired. I know exactly what my page will say: Good photos are like good poetry to me. They capture something that is real, profound, and true about the human experience." Thanks so much to all you wonderfully creative women! You totally rocked this kit.

    Reply 1 Reply
    1. AliEdwards says…

      Awesome. Sometimes it just takes a bit of time :).