Around The Yard | Spring 2015

Happy Monday!

A couple things to share with you today: 

1. Today is the last day to join Type - my 12-week online workshop that is currently underway. Registration closes tonight at midnight PST.

2. I'm currently having a sale on select past Story Kits™ and Story Stamps™. If you have an interest in those check out what's available here. Please note that this sale does not include the education portion of the Story Subscription or the Digital Story Kits™.

3. I loved listening to this Jess Lively podcast this weekend where she interviewed Alexandra Franzen. This was my first introduction to Alexandra and I was really impressed with her approach and ideas. Worth a listen if you are looking for an uplifting, inspiring listen this week. 

4. There's a really awesome mail-in-rebate going on right now for my oversized Epson R2000 printer on Amazon. I love this printer and have used it for a number of years for any photos larger than 4x6 and recommend it if you are looking for the convenience of an at-home printer that can print up to 13x19. There's currently a $250 rebate in effect through 5/31/15 putting this printed in the $400 range. Check it out here

5. I took some time to photograph around my yard this past weekend (and ended up making a layout with these images for this week's content in the Type workshop). Here's a look at what's growing and blooming right now: 

All photos above taken with a Canon 5DMKII and a 24-70 lens.

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29 thoughts

  1. Laura_Steingiser says…

    Wow, you are way ahead of us in New England...I am excited about daffodils right now. Beautiful photos. I am loving the TYPE class and encourage anyone on the fence to join. I have so many ideas brewing that would have never occurred to me. Oops, I just realized I double spaced between my sentences...

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    1. gina200 says…

      You're right - they're WAY ahead of us (also in NE!) We haven't even mowed yet. Tulips are just poking through.

  2. mtercha says…

    Beautiful flowers. Our yard is looking a little worse for the wear, that's for sure. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos. Michelle t

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  3. hgauvin says…

    Gorgeous photos! You are way ahead of us (northeast) - no blooms here yet except daffodils and creeping phlox. Thanks for the sale on your Story Kits/Stamps. I was able to pick up a few - yay!

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  4. deemommaof2 says…

    Here in central Canada my tulips are about 3" high with no buds yet. I'm just happy all the dog poopcicles have been picked up, thanks to the boys. You have wonderful flowers - what a great space to take in and enjoy. Thanks for sharing.

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  5. claireharrison says…

    Just so I understand, if I buy the "Firsts" story kit on sale, I won't get access to the classroom (the videos, etc.)? Want to make sure I know what I'm buying! :)

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    1. AliEdwards says…

      That is correct. It's listed on the sales page as well.

    2. claireharrison says…


    3. heyecho says…

      the kit is awesome and I am SURE you will be able to find lots of amazing ways to use it!

  6. Cookingmylife says…

    Those white lilacs are gorgeous. I only wish I had a place for one of those bushes - near the house - so I could drink in that wonderful scent.

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  7. AngelRQJ says…

    Hi! I'm thinking of registering for the Type class because I always LOVE your use of text. However, I started scrapbooking 20 years ago and decided to switch entirely to digital a while back. Will I be able to try to put the paper lessons to use digitally? Thanks!

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    1. AliEdwards says…

      Absolutely! Each week includes a digital package as well with a combination of elements - word art, layered templates, etc (depending on the content/theme for the week).

    2. AngelRQJ says…

      Awesome! I'm in! Thanks :)

  8. minimd12 says…

    Your workshop is so tempting but am trying to limit my classes this year. Maybe next time around. I also loved the Alexandra Franzen episode. I've been sharing, far and wide, the PDF Jess created to go along with The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. =) Love that close-up image of the Cala Lilly leaves. Gorgeous!

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  9. nelsonkel says…

    Ali, do you use that printer for just photos or do you also print your journaling, digital elements, etc on 12x12 layouts with this printer? Thanks!

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    1. AliEdwards says…

      I use it for photos, journaling, and some digital elements - pretty much for everything except 4x6 photos.

    2. abbypimentel says…

      Love your pictures -- my HP Photosmart wide format printer just took an unrecoverable nose-dive, so your info about the Epson came at a GREAT time! I'm wondering why you don't print 4x6's on it though -- are you unable to?????

    3. AliEdwards says…

      There isn't a specific 4x6 slot in that printer - you can print 4x6 on there, I just like the other little one for that purpose.

  10. Borcherding says…

    EEKS! That lense price!! LOL!! Love the pics.

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    1. AliEdwards says…

      I know. It's the only use lens I use and it's been worth every single penny.

  11. JessicaCornman says…

    Just planted my first peony bushes last fall and they are doing well this spring. Still a little early in the Midwest for blooms and I'm guessing I won't have blooms until next year but love seeing yours about the burst!!!

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  12. Trulymegs says…

    Is this the same printer you use when printing on card stock and velum? Can you use it to print things not for scrap booking, or do you suggest using it for scrap booking only? Also, what kind of paper do you use when printing photos?

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    1. AliEdwards says…

      Yes - cardstock, vellum, photo paper, etc. I personally have a second printer that is a black and white laser (inexpensive) for office-printing stuff rather than using the R2000 for that. Lately for printing photos I've been using Epson Premium Photo Paper. I also like a 13x19 matte photo paper from Staples - totally different feel than the glossy Epson. I use both.

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