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Project Life® 2016 | Week Eleven

My goal this year with Project Life® is to fill in the pockets.

I'm doing just that and it's making me happy and I'm pretty much up to date. Am I telling every single story of my life? Nope. No worries. I'm loving that I'm getting some stories told - the sum of all these stories being greater than any one part. I'm definitely keeping it simple and I'm really liking that part too. 

It's a looser approach vs. past years and it feels right for me right now.

Here's a look at Project Life® 2016 | Week Eleven: 

Lots of writing on photos - it's such a simple way to add story. I'm using a AED Slickwriter and white Gelly Roll pens. 

"Evening" is a digital file from the AM/PM Digital set and was traced and cut using the Silhouette. This set would also be great for telling stories during Week In The Life™. The "she stood in the storm" card is from this month's Tough Story Kit™

I've got a video tutorial that shows you how to trace PNG files using the Silhouette software here

The text pattern card is include in this month's Tough Story Kit™

The end of this week was the beginning of our Spring Break adventure. I'm going to include some photos next week and then do something else in addition with all the photos that both Aaron and I took over the course of the week. 

I often intentionally take photos that include space for journaling right on the photo. Stamping and writing directly onto the photos is such a simple and easy way to include the story. 

I'm still loving including things Anna has drawn - both words and pictures. This wee she was super excited about being able to walk on her hands. She came back from dance so pumped up that she wrote this up for me immediately because I was on the phone when she first got home. Cutting up something this size to fit in three pockets is also a fun way to break-up and play around with the overall design of the spread. 

The "Heart Eyes" card is from the Nes Verk kit from Studio Calico (available without a subscription). 



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12 thoughts

  1. MissyG says…

    Will you link to the photo paper you use? I always try to write or stamp on my photos and it ends up a big mess! The ink doesn't dry or the pen smears! Thanks!!

    Reply 1 Reply
    1. AliEdwards says…

      I'm using Epson paper that comes with the ink cartridge for my Epson PictureMate PM400: http://amzn.to/1VAXOvT - I'm pretty sure it's just Epson 4x6 Glossy: http://amzn.to/1RGFy2R

  2. mtercha says…

    Beautiful spreads. Love learning from you. Good luck on the search, I am hoping for you guys. :) Michelle t

    Reply 0 Replies
  3. KProffitt says…

    Love your pages, Ali! I need to start journaling directly onto my photos! LOVE that and I love that you included that sweet note from Anna. I love adding bits and pieces like that from my kids, too! Thanks for the continued inspiration! XO!

    Reply 0 Replies
  4. kathleen says…

    Another fantastic layout! Thank you for keeping it real, Ali!

    Reply 0 Replies
  5. lindalovescreating says…

    Love your pages!! I have a product suggestion... I love the size sticker label you used on your title card, I like to do that too, but the sheets you currently sell have only one of that size. I would love if you would come out with a pack of just that size/shape instead of the other ones (which I am less likely to use).

    Reply 0 Replies
  6. verdigris says…

    Fabulous layouts of your week...I feel a kinship with Simon as I discovered my love of reading when I was little by reading the book _Meet John F. Kennedy_ for school. I (somewhat madly) read other books on famous men and women, becoming obsessed with American Presidents before moving on to the British Monarchy and it fostered a lifelong love for history. I wish Simon great joy as he learns more about these fascinating and complex individuals. I have recently reconnected with your site and it reinforces my admiration of you and your awesome ability to communicate through words and pictures, to share, to inspire and to educate. Thank you for being present and documenting your life's journey so we may also be enriched by your wisdom, creativity and humanity.

    Reply 0 Replies
  7. hoadao3493 says…

    Thank you for sharing this great article. https://km888b.net hopes you will have many more articles for everyone to read.

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