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AE Digital Creative Team | Read Digital Story Kit™

Happy Wednesday! 

Today I'm sharing awesome layouts made by my Digital Creative Team using the Read Digital Story Kit™. These layouts are seriously some of my favorites - might be the topic at hand or it might be the way the team has such an awesome way of telling their own stories. I'm so excited to share them with you today. 

Also, be sure to check out our Creative Team Gallery where you can go to see how the team is crafting their stories using my products - including additional images from the projects we are sharing below. We'll be updating it a couple times a month.

This month the team is sharing stories they crafted using the Read Digital Story Kit™ which is available for a few more days (last day to start a subscription is the 14th). Remember that all subscriptions, including the digital subscription, includes a classroom with specific ideas for working with each theme.

Just a heads up again that most of my team uses the digital kit to create paper projects - meaning they print out the digital pieces and add them to paper layouts/pockets (vs. completely digital projects). 

These projects make my heart so, so happy. 

Brandi Kincaid // I love how Brandi went BIG with the "the next chapter" circle paired with enlarged "four stars" to document her story about the book Matilda. 

Carol Chastain // Carol did awesome layering here that includes a page from a dictionary, a photo of the books she's reading now, journaling on vellum with "currently reading" stamped on top, a library pocket that holds a printed journal card, and a paper clip with the word books and additional stars underneath. So fun. 

Emma Speller // Emma used "the beginning" + "the middle" + "the end" to document a story about some updates they were making to her house. Love that idea. 

Celine Navarro // Going big for the win. I love the paint splatters too. 

Jen Carlson // Jen used the kit to document what she's reading right now. 

Kelsey McEvoy // Not all stories have to be long and involved. I love this one from Kelsey where she highlighted some reading numbers from last summer. 

Jen Schow (see more photos and a process video here) // This is an awesome interactive layout from Jen about her passion for the Harry Potter series. Yes. Yes. Yes. 

Hope you all have a great rest of the week! 

Check out the Creative Team Gallery for more detailed photos of each members projects.

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17 thoughts

  1. mtercha says…

    Really clever layouts from the team. Love all of them, they are all so great. Although I am a big fan of reading, I especially love Emma's example using it for another type of story. Just great stuff from everyone! Thanks. Michelle t

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  2. bookemper says…

    These are all sooooo good!! I love this kit.

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  3. hgauvin says…

    Wonderful inspiration, as always. Thanks ladies!

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  4. helenhigh says…

    Please, PLEASE tell me that you can order more of the "read" kits! The kits were sold out before I had a chance to order and I totally see why. I was looking forward to this one!

    Please and THANK YOU!!

    Reply 1 Reply
    1. AliEdwards says…

      Hi! We don't re-stock Story Kits™ because of the manufacturing timelines (we plan 6-months out). The stamp set is now available (at least at the time I'm writing you back) and all the above layouts were created using the digital kit :).

  5. KProffitt says…

    So many great pages! Thanks for the inspiration! XO!

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  6. SuseFish says…

    love love love these projects

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  7. joblackford says…

    Love them all!
    It does make me wish that I didn't always read on kindle/library books. It's hard to show all the lovely books you read in a stack or on a shelf when you never have them all out at the same time and/or they're digital! Of course the benefits of digital/library books are many, so I guess it's a good trade-off for me. I have gotten around that problem by screenshot-ing my "read" shelf on goodreads. But I guess I could also gather books I've read together in a bookstore and take a photo...

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  8. broniors says…

    Wonderful inspiration!!

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  9. fabone67 says…

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  10. Teenamariya says…

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  11. soniyaphilip says…

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