December Daily® 2016 | Day 16

Welcome to  December Daily® 2016 | Day 16. 

Today I'm sharing a spread that includes an enlarged photo of an ornament on our tree + a 4x6 photo of some of the kids at the table and features a 3x8 December gratitude list. 

EDITED: Also, just a heads up that I'm heading out to celebrate Christmas No. 1 with Aaron's family so I'm going to take a couple days off from my album and will play catch up when we get back.

One of the questions I've been seeing a bunch on Facebook is about photographing projects and/or things like ornaments or other special holiday items to include in your album. Around here I've been using white foam core board (you can find this at craft supply stores or even somewhere like Target) placed on the floor near a window but not directly under it. I shoot straight down onto my project or at an angle. To get as much natural light as possible I turn off the lights in the room and just use the light coming in from the window. Around here at this time of year there's not a lot of sun - mostly just grey days - and the amount of hours where light is available is limited. I take photos of my projects usually between 10:30am and noon - if I wait much longer than that it's too dark - the "sun" goes down around 4:30pm. 

When I import my photos into Photoshop I usually edit them to make them brighter by using Levels, Curves and/or Brightness/Contrast. 

Here is a look at what Day 16 turned out looking like (two spreads):

We did a little tree decorating yesterday which ended up being nice supports for the story of documenting gratitudes. I first enlarged the photo of the snowman ornament to 7 inches x 8.25 inches which is about the same size as a page protector (including the holes). I adhered that to the back of the image from Day 15. 

The middle 3x8 page protector holds a strip of pattern paper from the Main Kit + numbers from my  Cascade Alpha + a small gold chipboard star. 

The " giving thanks in December" comes from a set of December Stories 3x8 Layered Templates - this set also includes a printable PDF so you can easily just print them out. I loved adding in the combination of silly stuff and serious stuff and head stuff and heart stuff. 

The last page of the spread includes a "gratitude" card from the  Jasmine Jones December Daily® Mini Kit + a messy circle and small cheer rubber circle from the Main Kit + "merry and bright" chipboard from the Pam Garrison December Daily® Mini Kit

On top of the snowman ornament photo I added the "spread love" chipboard piece from  Pam's kit + two small gold chipboard stars from the Main Kit. 

Here's a look at it outside of the album: 



I'd love to have you share a link to your Day 16 album pages below. Please link directly to your post vs. a general blog link.

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6 thoughts

  1. amorton63 says…

    Wow thanks for the tips on opening up the top of that hole punch. Mine was in my donate box because I was getting too frustrated with it. LOL... guess I need to learn to read directions too!

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  2. ScrappinMyHeartOut says…

    Awesome layout today, Ali. I remember that you had some ups and downs with health this year, so glad that you are ok!!

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  3. teamfilofax says…

    Hey Ali - I am really enjoying my December Daily process this year, thanks to you. I have a quick Photoshop question for you. When you print out a large photo, Like the one you used in today's layout, how do you add crop marks to the page? I love the idea of printing large photos and I notice that you had the crop lines on the photo paper today. Thanks so much for all of you help!!

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  4. CasieGutierrez says…

    Thanks for the dimensions for the photos outside the page protectors!
    Love your gratitude list.
    Have a fun time with Aaron's family & enjoy the break!

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  5. marieterec says…

    Love this ❤️ And a note to self, don't cut the tops off my 6x8 pattern paper if I want to use them like you did above

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