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New 6x8 Albums, 3x8 Album, and Essentials Kit

Today I'm happy to share that we have a couple fun new products available in the shop. 

First up is an Essentials Kit. This kit was designed for Story Camp attendees (we used it at the one last October and will be using it for future events) and is a great kit of basic supplies for you to use in your storytelling adventures that feature a bunch of my favorites. 

Here's a look at what's included in the kit: 

This is the first time we've offered any 12x12 papers for my brand. In addition to the 12x12 pattern papers you'll get a large white alpha, small alphas, cork numbers, three word/phrase sticker sets, a chipboard set, plastic shapes, yellow star stickers, a 3x4 stamp, wood veneer words, a "details" white acrylic word, a white number sticker sheet, five sheets of 12x12 cardstock, and a set of 10, 4x8 tags. 

Here's a video walkthrough of what's included in this kit: 

In addition to the Essentials kit we also have three new albums available. 

We've got a pleather Navy 6x8 album (this was the color voted on in the Craft The Story™ Facebook Group), a grey dot chipboard 6x8 album, and a multi-colored dot 3x8 album

Here's a quick video overview of these: 

As always, thanks for being a part of this storytelling community and I hope these products help you tell your stories. 

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Essentials Kit
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6x8 Navy Pleather Album
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3x8 Polka Dot Album
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6x8 Polka Dot Album
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7 thoughts

  1. Eminepala1 says…

    Awesome Ali...
    Could you maybe create a blog post about dates of certain new releases and projects? It doesn't have to be exact. But we can plan our budgets in that way and projects like WITL or DITL etc.

    Would be so much appreciated.
    Thanks for all the updates, releases and inspiration.
    You and your team.


    Reply 2 Replies
    1. AliEdwards says…

      Hi! We don't have specific dates but generally you can expect WITL products to release around March or April. You can expect DD to be in early September. DITL for this year will be within the next few weeks. OLW is generally in December.

    2. Eminepala1 says…

      Thank you Ali. I will write them down.
      Day in the life in a few weeks. Awesome... Looking forward to it

  2. minkaclark says…

    Ali - do you know when day in the life and week in the life will be this year - just approx months will do? Thx

    Reply 1 Reply
    1. cryscrop says…

      She abbreviated in her answer day in the life (DITL) will be within the next few weeks, week in the life (WITL) March or April.

  3. Frau_Bergmolch says…

    I´m so happy about the new 3x8 design and had to order one right away! Thank you so much for putting your energy in these things. Are there going to be more designs available fot DITL or WITL in 3x8?

    Thanks again,

    Reply 0 Replies
  4. SFK14 says…

    I loooove the colours in the Essentials Kit! Also excited to try a 3X8 album. :)

    Reply 0 Replies
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