Week In The Life™ 2019 Starts Monday + A Pep Talk

I am super excited to embark on the 2019 version of Week In The Life™ alongside so many of you starting next week on Monday, May 6th.

Here are a couple things I invite you to keep in mind: 

  • The goal of this project is not to compare yourself with others. The goal of this project is to embrace + celebrate the life you are living right now. 
  • There is no rule and no recommendation to document every single detail of your week. My hope is that you take this opportunity to pay closer attention to your life and capture some words and photos along the way. 
  • Have fun with this project. If you start getting stressed, ease up on your expectations. Remember that you don't have to be taking photos every minute of the day - that's absolutely not the point. 
  • When thinking about what stories to tell, consider what you wish you knew about your Mom, Grandma, Dad, Aunt, etc at this point in their life and focus in on those kinds of stories. What do you wish you knew about the life they were living at any given point in time? My guess is you might wish you knew a little more about how they were "feeling" in their life - you might have an idea of some of the facts of their lives but do you have a sense of how they felt about it all? 
  • If you feel like your life is exactly the same as it was last year I totally challenge that assumption - lovingly of course. One of the goals of this project is to encourage you to pay attention to what is actually happening in your life - if you are alive your life is not exactly the same as it was last year because you have grown and the world has kept right on spinning. If you are having a hard time valuing your individual story I would suggest focusing on gratitude in this album: make a list of the things you are thankful for each day or at least include that as one of your stories. Lives change in an instant and you really never know what tomorrow will bring. 

If you'd like to use Daily Sheets to help you focus your storytelling you can find those in last year's getting ready post here

I'll be sharing my daily photos and words here on the blog just as I have in past years next week.

I recorded a little video yesterday as a pep talk to give you a few more things to consider as we embark on this project: 

To get you even more in the mood here are some links to recent + past posts: 

Read 5 Reasons To Join Me in documenting your own week this year

Read my Week In The Life™ Photo Tips

Read this post about Stories I'm Thinking Of Including as you consider the stories you might want to include. 

Click over to this post to read about how I played a bit with my album before the project begins + thoughts on my overall approach for 2019. 

And want to learn how to work with the Week In The Life™ Layered Templates? Check out this post for that.

Make this project your own. You've got this and I'll be doing it right alongside you. 

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9 thoughts

  1. ciahansen says…

    That grocery store photo remains one of my all time favorites. And inspired one of my all time favorite selfies!

    Reply 2 Replies
    1. AliEdwards says…

      Me too!!!!

    2. AnnetteH says…

      seriously!! It's so good!!

  2. hgauvin says…

    Awesome! Thanks for the pep talk. I may just watch it again when I'm putting my album together. It definitely helps me think about the stories I want to tell and the photos I want to take. And I agree with ciahansen that the grocery store photo remains one of my all time faves as well!

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  3. AnnetteH says…

    So good Ali!! I needed to hear this! I actually captured my week a few weeks ago and as per usual, life seems to get in the way of working on it...plus maybe some of the other things you shared here. Gonna push through and finish getting the stories down this weekend. That's the goal. And gonna put this mantra on repeat: "no one can tell my story in my own voice." That's powerful stuff. Love this project and love you for all you do!! Hope everyone has a great week in the life!!

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  4. Mel_12 says…

    Excellent post and pep talk. I almost always waver on the verge of not joining in then almost always do! Had a thought in the middle of the night (as you do) about using a prompt you included in the original 31 Things class - you may have used this idea during day in the life at some point too, but my memory of it is from 31 Things.

    It was to pick a moment in time, say 10am, and write about everything going on in that moment. Outside things internal thoughts. Everything you can. Like a stream of consciousness.

    So for this years week in the life I'm going to have seven moments in time. Thought I'd go through the day time wise as the week progresses. It will help to get the nitty gritty into the story of my week and it has made me excited to get started. Yay!

    Reply 1 Reply
    1. AliEdwards says…

      Love that idea!!!!!

  5. meganb13 says…

    Love this video format. Thanks for the pep talk! Inspiring!

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  6. ladyroxanne says…

    Hi Ali and fellow WITL'rs - I was totally pepped and ready to go for WITL this week - then I came down with influenza and I've barely left my bed/couch. The first day I didn't even remember it was WITL until about 3pm in the afternoon and tried to take a few "sick" photos. But, I have literally been so sick this whole time I lost interest. I am thinking about re-starting on Monday, but wanted to know what all of you think. If I did decide to go with this week it would really be lots and lots of words and hardly any photos and I know that's ok. But, didn't really think it would be interesting since it would all be about being so terribly sick at home. So, should I go with all the words and hardly and photos or restart on Monday as it is already Thursday afternoon here in Australia. Would love to know what people think, and especially you Ali.

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