Project Life® 2018 | Week Thirty-Four

Filling in the pockets of Project Life® 2018 - this is Week Thirty-Four. 

For this spread I wanted to play around with more products from the Foodie Collection along with other pieces from my stash to support my stories. I ended up relying on the Foodie Collection, August Stories By The Month™ from 2018 (digital version here), and a bunch of hearts from past kits and add ons. 

This spread is also a great reminder that longer stories have a home in Project Life®. 

Here's a look at the stories I told in Week 34: 

For my unifying elements this week I ended up diving into my box of heart shaped embellishments (read more about my current method of organization here) and pulled out a couple of recent fabric hearts, a chipboard heart, and plastic hearts. On top of the fabric hearts I added word phrase stickers from this Week In The Life™ Sticker Bundle. I loved having one group of embellishments for the center photos and another one for the 4x6 daily photos. 

This spread also includes two 6x8 inserts that hold a longer story about Simon's Family Life Merit Badge batch cooking project. I took the text I included in this post and copied and pasted it onto canvases in Photoshop and recolored the backgrounds to two different greens. 

I added chipboard from the Foodie Collection as accents. 

Avery Index Tabs were added along the edge of the inserts and I used more stickers from the Week In The Life™ Sticker Bundle inside. 

Here's a look at the right + left sides fo the spread without the longer story insert: 

Cards for this spread were included with the Stories By The Month™ physical kit from 2018. The digital version is available here

Loving all those hearts! I'm also loving having them all together and easily accessible in one of my main supply drawers. 


Here's a look at how this spread came together: 


If you'd like to take a deeper dive into my Project Life® process check out my go-at-your-own-pace Storytelling With Project Life® online workshop. 

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6 thoughts

  1. ShellyJ says…

    I am loving these past couple of “creative boost” posts! Thank you for sharing. Now, I want to jump back into creative mode :)

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    1. AliEdwards says…

      Do it!

  2. StephanieHokenson says…

    Is that a new tattoo on your wrist? ❤️

    Reply 1 Reply
    1. AliEdwards says…

      A temporary one!

  3. MommaBeth says…

    I love these videos about using up our "stuff", it really gets the wheels of inspiration turning. One of your creative team members, Jen Schow, has a group of videos on her YouTube channel about using up the product that most of us have been hoarding for years. Great videos to check out too. Love these videos you all share with us to help us get our stories told but also help us USE all the STUFF we collect. Awesome!

    Reply 1 Reply
    1. AliEdwards says…

      Yes! Love Jen's videos!