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December Daily® 2018 | Completed Album Overview

I took some time last week to go back through my 2018 December Daily® album and filmed a walk-through for you to see the entire album in one place. 

Individual posts + videos on all these pages can be found in my December Daily® archives here.

Love this project. Love this community. Love looking back at past projects. 

Here you go: 

I'm definitely looking forward to telling stories with you in December this year. You can see my starting place for 2019 here.

Brand new to December Daily®? Check out my Storytelling With December Daily® workshop

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10 thoughts

  1. PrinzessinN says…

    I love your album. Can't wait to start with this project in December.

    One question regarding the Avery Index Tabs. I have some issues with them. They do not stick properly to the page. Is this something you faced too? What do you do? Thank you.

    Reply 4 Replies
    1. AliEdwards says…

      Hmmm - I use them all the time and haven't run into any issues with them sticking. Are you using a specific kind of paper?

    2. PrinzessinN says…

      Thank you for your answer.

      I know therefore I wanted to try it too.

      I use either Bazzill cardstock or Vaessen Creative - Florence Cardstock. Also on the page protectors they do not stick properly.

      I tried it with the new ones which I ordered from your shop because I thought perhaps the one I had were old. But it is the same.

    3. instantphoebe says…

      Is the adhesive not sticking? Or does it stick and then fall off after awhile?

    4. PrinzessinN says…

      First it is sticking, but after a short time the tab lifts up. I also tried to fix it with a clip for a while (overnight), but it did not help at all.

  2. mpcapistran says…

    Ali, YOU ARE SOMETHING ELSE! I have totally been out of the loop now for the past 3 years, not reeding your blog, but I've been seeing loads of projects and albums pass by on my IG ad FB feeds, and man, your album is just something else! Your creativity, simplicity and sense of esthetic,... it just amazing!! Seriously, Marie

    Reply 1 Reply
    1. AliEdwards says…

      Yep! Ha - still going :). Thank you!

  3. Glynda says…

    Wow! Amazing idea overload! Lol!

    Reply 0 Replies
  4. jillgowland says…

    Really enjoyed watching the video even though I followed you every day in December. Still nice to see it again. Another year and another December to document. Where does the time go?

    Reply 0 Replies
  5. Caro_frenchy says…

    Hi Aly,
    your work is amazing as usual!
    I love your 1st page with the December calendar and the tiny photos
    How do you print in small like that?
    also how do you do for the 2x2?

    thank you

    Reply 0 Replies
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