December Daily® 2019 | Story Twenty-Two

Welcome to story twenty-two in my 2019  December Daily® album

The start to this story/day is enlarged vellum numbers cut on my Silhouette, attached to a pattens transparency, with one of the pleather circles on top.

Here's a look at how this story was told in my album: 

I knew I wanted to include a full page photo of our mantel + wreaths but I wasn't sure how I wanted to include my journaling at first. 

As I was thinking through what I wanted to do I looked at a circle punch on my table and decided to start punching a few circles that could layer on top of each other of varying sizes. Once I started down that path it made sense to type up my journaling and then use a circle punch to cut that out as well. 

I punched one hole in each of the circles in order to add them to the top ring in my album. 

It was a fun way to add a little "something" without it being a whole other page. I also liked that i could easily add embellishments onto those circles (or look through my stash of circles to add others). 

Journaling was simple and to the point about our activities. 




You are invited to leave a link in the comment section if you'd like to share your daily pages. As usual, please include a direct link to your specific blog post vs. a general blog address link.

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9 thoughts

  1. ScrappinMyHeartOut says…

    Beautiful, from a fellow lover of calm and cozy!

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  2. Pepierre says…
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  3. virginiegoujon says…

    Beautiful. Love your wreaths.

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  4. Maxpuppy says…

    I love how you've made this work - brilliantly simple but so effective.
    I have Days 21-25 here: and Days 16-20 here:

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  5. clippergirl says…

    I love all the loose circles and how simple this is!
    I just wanted to say that after a year of having no interest in documenting this year (took a break from it all, even from project life after 9 years of PL)......I re-gained my love for documenting with DD. I finished my DD album already and love how it turned out. Thank you so much for all your inspiration, videos, ideas and tips! I especially loved the DD 12 Hour prep day....that really helped me and got me in the spirits of documenting again! I am looking forward to 2020 PL and it’s really Thanks to you and your team!
    All the Best and a Happy New Year!!!

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  6. mshanhun says…

    I always admire your creativity with this project! This is my day 23:

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  7. Trary says…

    Would love it if sometime you could do a short tutorial on drawing circles in photoshop and/or illustrator and putting the text inside. Thanks.

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  8. mileys1990 says…

    Thank you very much for sharing such a useful article.

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  9. tyron0099 says…


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