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AE Creative Team | WE Story Kit™

This past month we have been focusing on stories of family, friends and other awesome combinations of people (and pets!) coming together. And today we are delighted to share these awesome projects from our Creative Team using the WE Story Kit™.⁠

And as a reminder, tomorrow, Friday, June 12th, is the last day to subscribe and receive the WE-themed products.

Amy Gretchen

Barbara Picinich

Elizabeth Heinz

Jen Schow

Jennie Rey

Jenny Theriault

Jess Forster

Krystal Idunate

Laura Wonsik

Lisa Varshine

Morgan Beal

Tazhiana Gordon

As always, we are so grateful to our Creative Team for sharing their stories and creative inspiration with all of us!

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4 thoughts

  1. ScrappinMyHeartOut says…

    Every creative project is outstanding! What a rockin' creative team!

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  2. nightmer says…

    I love every bit of this inspiration! Thank you all so much. Laura...every parent has been in your shoes, hang in there. In the blink of an eye your girls will be grown and you will be able to look back on these times with the clarity that time gives us all. (((hugs)))

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  3. jlutherdesigns says…

    Once the story kit month has passed, do the digitals become available later for purchase? I absolutely love all the we and together sayings in this one.

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    1. AliEdwards says…

      Hi! We offer the digital kits twice a year during our Stories Revisited Events. The next one will be in November.

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