Pieces Of Me 2021 | Self Portrait Community Project Starts Next Monday

Last year many of you joined me in a fun self-portrait adventure project: Pieces Of Us. I'll be embarking on this project again next week and you are invited to play along with me. 


Monday, April 5th through Sunday, April 11th. 


  1. To get yourself in the story. Literally
  2. To play and experiment with your camera (most likely I'll just be using my iPhone). 
  3. To practice developing your own photo voice. 
  4. To practice loving ourselves using the lens of our cameras. I love this as a February project. 
  5. To play along with a community of storytellers. 


Here's the schedule for next week as we capture pieces of ourselves: 

  • Monday: Feet
  • Tuesday: Hands
  • Wednesday: Face Forward (let your face fill the frame)
  • Thursday: Eyes Closed
  • Friday: 1/2 face (take a photo or crop a photo to only include a portion of your face)
  • Saturday: Full body
  • Sunday: Reflection

This year, in addition to sharing on Instagram using the hashtag #aepiecesofus, I'll be using the Pieces Of Me notebook we designed specially for this project. It's a simple + easy way to capture the photo and words you document during the week. The folio cover will hold another notebook we are creating for later this year when we host a Pieces Of Home community documenting day. 


Here are a list of posts you can refer to in order to learn more about this project: 

Also, if you want to learn more about my own photo philosophy + photo workflow check out my workshop Lens Of Joy.

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  1. Mel_12 says…

    Very happy to have this great photo project to look forward to next week.

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