Week In The Life™ 2021 | Completed Album

2021  Week In The Life™ is complete! 

It's always such an awesome feeling to finally finish up this project and clean off my table to make room for the next round of stories. 

A few thoughts as I wrap up this project: 

  • THANK YOU! A big thank you to you for playing along with this project whether this was your first year or if you've been documenting alongside me since the beginning. 
  • Completing this project is a labor of love. It definitely takes time to get it all into an album and I'm grateful for your patience as I carved out time to finish up my project. I hope you give yourself the same grace as you make progress on your own project. There is nothing at all wrong with taking time between the documenting phrase and the bringing-it-all-together phase. You can do this!
  • I really enjoyed mixing things up this year with a more playful approach and I LOVED doing the full page spread photo collages for each day. That felt like it really simplified a little of the process of dealing with the photos for me this year. 
  • You can check out my individual daily photo + story posts here

Let's dive in to the overview/walk-through video ( I didn't do another process video because I pretty much followed the same design formula I set up + shared for Monday here): 

Here's a look at each spread in my album: 

I added a couple versions of a recent family photo with all seven of us to the tag I created during the  Prep Day

On the back I added a black + white dot pattern paper and a chipboard diamond + a felt heart. The ribbons I'm adding in my album  can be found here



On Monday I added more journaling (and stamping) to the 3x8 page but after Monday I decided to repeat stamp one word and then add a plastic diamond (and a chipboard diamond on some) on top. For Tuesday I repeat stamped "meow." I love the messy/graphic look of the stamped words. On days when I had fewer photos I added in some 3x4 quote cards from my stash (past Story Kits/Stories By The Month Kits). 


For Wednesday I repeat stamped the word "tired." Keeping it real. 

I didn't fill in this 3x8 card on the actual documenting day and had already used most of my photos so I decided to go with more stamped words.


On Thursday I had less photos so instead of a photo collage I went with two full page photos. 

In my blog post for Thursday I added a list of photos I didn't take and went ahead and copied + pasted that onto a 3x4 card. The card below is from the  Strong Story Kit



On this 3x8 card I added two of the felt hearts from the Paislee Press Mini Kit and wrote a bit about the full circle moment of my kids hanging out over at Katie's house watching Goonies with Graham.


So excited for the beginning of summer!

Thank you so much for participating this year! I hope you enjoyed the process. I hope you captured some of the very basic pieces of your life. 

Looking forward to telling stories again with you soon!


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4 thoughts

  1. slmnontec says…

    I am also glad to be done, but it is my favorite project to look back on. In fact, my past albums spur me on to finish. This year I did 3-5 full page photos each day and loved it. I also enjoyed the -ing words each day. My husband has dozens of coffee mugs so I took a picture of him each day with one. We had some major events in our lives this year so our lives had really changed from years past. We are also fostering my daughter's cat. I just love how it all turned out.Thanks for the encouragement.

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  2. lhenkin says…

    Ali, I love your album. Thanks so much for the walk through. So fun. Are there templates for the daily 6x8 photo spreads you used here?

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  3. Untiedt says…

    I love your photo collage and the bright colors. I can't wait to work on my album this weekend. Thanks for inspiring me.

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  4. iHanna says…

    I really appreciate this project, and did it this year as well but a week after you. My favorite part was your blog posts sharing your photos, it's what I like the most about your blog - not the guest posts and the fluff. Just your wonderful photos + words, I'm still here for it. :-) Thank you.


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