Around Here : No Photo Story In My Summer Notebook

In today's  Craft The Story (episode #28) I'm sharing another page in my summer story notebook.

The story prompt "Around Here" is one I feel like I've done hundreds of times. It's something I come back to again + again because it's such an easy way to tell a story of what we are all up to and/or into at a given point in time. I find it especially helpful when I'm having trouble identifying a specific story to tell - this prompt grounds me in the present through the simple invitation to make a list of what's happening. 

Let's dive in: 

And here's a look at the finished project: 

This is a story you can tell right now! Grab a piece of paper or open up the Notes app on your computer or phone and write up a few things about yourself and/or your family. Print it out and put it into a notebook. Remember that you can start anytime to tell the stories of your life. 


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5 thoughts

  1. Mel_12 says…

    Love. Especially the part where you tell us to stop the video and go make something. Yay Ali.

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  2. paminsc says…

    So love this quick recap of the family. Can certainly relate to Issac’s love of gaming, two of my boys are the same when they aren’t at work, including one that could definitely use a haircut. Just this morning we nicknamed him Shaggy (from ScoobyDoo)
    I’m also loving these Friday Craft the Story videos!

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  3. KProffitt says…

    Love this and all that green!

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  4. AnnieCarignan says…

    My daughter loves Manga too and everything from Japan! They would get along ☺️

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  5. starrsstripes says…

    Would love to see your stamp sets include sleeves in the future!

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