What Counts As A Story In Memory Keeping

This past week I requested questions (via Instagram) for a Q+A about storytelling in memory keeping. 

I received a wonderful range of questions that include topics that are really specific and others that are much more universal. After going through all the questions I decided that I'd like to spread them out over a few videos via a new series I'm calling Storytime. As I take a little time to organize your awesome questions into videos I'd like to start out this series by addressing this question first: what counts as a story in memory keeping? 

To answer that question I dove into some of my past projects to talk about what "counts" as a story in memory keeping (spoiler: it all counts) and to encourage you to embrace a wide variety of storytelling techniques in your own memory keeping adventures. 

Let's dive in: 



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5 thoughts

  1. barefootscrapbooker says…

    I completely love this discussion - stories change as we change and grow, so it is always amazing to look back on how those stories were told in the past, and how we want to adjust our interaction with our photos to include more stories for the future.

    Also, Anna looks so much like you when you were little!

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  2. starrsstripes says…

    Loved listening to this today!

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  3. achaffin39 says…

    I love those alphabet rub-ons in the baby book! I still have them.

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  4. patricia86 says…

    Loved listening to your thoughts about stories! I tend to overthink and complicate memory keeping, but you make it sound so easy. Thank you for bringing inspiration :)

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  5. headmaniacal says…

    LOVE this layout so much! https://mariogames.io

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