December Daily® 2021 | Special Guest Kasha Gage

Hey all, it’s Kasha Gage and I’m excited to be back on the blog today sharing a closer look at my December Daily 2021 album.

This year, I mixed things up and went with the 10x8 album size. I wanted a challenge and ending up loving the new size, especially because of the big photos.

Going into this project, I didn’t do any foundation pages. I had some ideas sketched out, but I find I do better without the limitation as a lot of my pages/design are photo driven. I did have though a list of photo ideas and story ideas/prompts that I worked off, which helps keep me organized throughout the season.

Initially I thought that I would capture and document my December, then work on this project later. But I found pockets of time to work on this daily and really enjoyed the process. And I surprised myself by finishing in January (rather than in July). A huge win for me.

This year, I (unintentionally) went less crafty/interactive and instead, really focused on the photos/words. As you’ll see below, many of my pages are hybrid (digital layout + physical product). It’s what felt right and good for me.

You can see additional layouts on my Instagram @kashakgage. And for a full walkthrough of my album, you can find it here on my YouTube channel

Here’s a look at 4 different ways I approached capturing + documenting the stories in my album.


Ah, for the love of photos. Especially full-page photos (sized to the outside of the page protector). I love opening my album with a photo that represents the season (or the beforehand in this case). I also love double-page photo spreads and using the negative space to hold my journaling.


Maybe you’re like me and can relate to always being the person behind the lens. Or maybe you feel uncomfortable having your picture taken. But what I’ve learned is the value/importance of seeing myself reflected in my story. For these two stories, I set my camera up on my tripod to take the action shot.


I’m someone who loves capturing + documenting the details. And I’m also a big fan of shapes - especially circles. At this time of year, they’re everywhere. From the ornaments to the wreaths, and I used these as a jumping off point in designing my page. I also have collections that come out this time of year. Love using them for inspiration in design and getting these stories told.


I love any opportunity to bring in other voices in my album. For this story, I invited my husband to write about working (from home). I’m so thankful he’s a willing participant and I enjoy reading his words.

Thank you for allowing me to share my stories with you. I hope you find inspiration among these pages.

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4 thoughts

  1. MrsKnight says…

    Really love these full size photos but you still have your story there as well. I LOVE this approach!

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  2. Jeannew says…

    Such a lovely album! Love the words and full-size photos!

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  3. ScrappinMyHeartOut says…

    Thank you! Your pages are terrific, and you gave me some great ideas! One of them - I will be putting wreaths on my shutters next year!

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  4. jillgowland says…

    Amazing layout!!! Imagination+++
    Is there a cut file for "This story has my heart" page

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