Storytelling With The Rainbow Scrapbook Kit | No. 6

Thanks so much for hanging out this week as I've shared ideas for storytelling with the  Rainbow Scrapbook Kit. It's been so fun to use as the jumping off point for a variety of stories and I'm excited to keep using it over the next few months. Quick reminder that other Quarterly Scrapbook Kit themes for the rest of the year include: Black + White, Numbers, and Tags. I love how these kits are designed to give you a number of jumping off points getting your own stories told. 

In case you've missed the previous posts this week here's a list: 

Today's project uses one of the 12x12 pattern papers as a jumping off point for a 2-page story about Simon. 

Let's dive into the video: 

Here are some additional images of this project: 

I knew that I wanted to take this watercolor circle 12x12 pattern paper and cut out the individual circles to use them on a 6x8 spread (actual size of these pages are 7 inches wide x 8.25 inches tall). As I looked back through my photos from this year so far there were a number of photos of Simon and I together and I love taking the opportunity to bring "like" images together to tell a different story. In this case the story is a celebration of Simon as he gets ready to move out this fall. We are so excited for his next chapter. 

I cropped the photos to 2.5 inch squares and used my 2.5 inch circle punch to get them into the circle shape. Need details on printing multiple photos on one piece of paper?  Check out this post. 

As I was working on that I also decided that I wanted to have another layer between the circle photos and the watercolor circles. To make that a reality I created a page of text circles that say "love you so much always + forever" and printed them on a piece of  ink jet transparency. You can see more about printing on vellum + transparency here

I saved that page of circles as a PDF that you can download and print at home here.

I cut out each of the watercolor circles from the 12x12 pattern paper and left a small border around each one. On top of that I laid the transparent circles and did a rough cut around the outside for a similar shape. I stapled the transparency onto the water color circle and added my photo on top. 

For my title (and since there were only 7 of the circles) I decided to cut out the watercolor heart from a 3x4 card in the  March Stories By The Month™ kit. On top of that I added a chipboard hexagon from a past kit (seriously love diving into my stash this past week). 

As I started bringing it all together I decided to overlap the circles and loved being able to have interplay between the transparent layers and the watercolor circles. 

From my stash I pulled out four 1/2 circle chipboard pieces and added them along the edges (that "my first" chipboard is from the very first Story Kit we did). 

I decided to use one of the watercolor circles as a home for my journaling which was also printed on ink jet transparency. 

Thanks again for joining me this week and I hope you've gotten some ideas of ways you might want to tell stories with the Rainbow Scrapbook Kit. 


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11 thoughts

  1. kathleen says…

    Thank you so much for all the fabulous inspiration, Ali! I have thoroughly enjoyed all your videos this week! I hope you’ll consider doing this again for more quarterly scrapbook kits.

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  2. Kitsbeach2 says…

    Thank you for all the great inspiration this week with the colourful collection. I couldn’t begin to pick the one I like the best. Although I am most definitely starting a garden journal in a TN.

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  3. elizabethbult says…

    I have so thoroughly enjoyed this week of Rainbow kit projects! Thank you so much for sharing with us :)

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  4. starrsstripes says…

    You are a master at layering and embellishing - love this very much!

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  5. ahiggins83 says…

    What a fun spread about Simon! Thank you for sharing all these Rainbow kit ideas, love watching your process and creativity in motion!

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  6. Jeannew says…

    Such a fun series! I forgot to say your nail polish matches the kit perfectly too!

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  7. scrappinjam says…

    Ali - Thanks so much for all the inspiration on using the Rainbow kit. I have loved watching these videos. I’ve had to stop them several times just to jot down ideas. I have all the quarterly kits and now I can’t wait to dive in and use this one. I hope this is something you will do with the upcoming kits.

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  8. FL_Cindy says…

    I absolutely LOVE this idea and your layout.
    I've been having computer issues so I'll have to watch the others next. Thank you so much for the download...I can't wait to print it out and use it!
    Have a great day!!

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  9. User39374 says…

    Has this kit been released yet?

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    1. AliEdwards says…
  10. KendraW says…

    Loved seeing all of the scrapbook kit ideas!

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