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Day In The Life™ | Special Guest Azzari Jarrett

Hi friends! I am Azzari and I am so excited to share my Day In The Life album with you. One of the things that I have learned since I started scrapbooking in 2013 is the fact that what seems "normal" today will not be that way for long. I look back at this project and sometimes it seems like I am capturing such mundane things throughout the day. Who would care about this stuff? It doesn't matter - I will. I enjoy this project for me and I know that in years to come, I know I will be so happy that I captured the little things. It is what truly makes up our lives. 

I’m really looking forward to using this album for all of my documenting days for 2022 - and I added a quick stamp of the year to the outside of my album. One of the things that I love about this 4x6 inch album size is how quickly layouts come together. You don't have to think too much about how to organize because it's such a small space, but enough room to capture the story of my day.

Gosh, I love the colors included in this album so much! I am normally a minimalist when it comes to scrapbooking and a black and white fanatic, but there is something about the colors in the kit that really stand out to me. I opened by adhering "Stories from Today" on the front cover and "Our Lives are made up of these moments". Sometimes you don't need to have a grand entrance, or spectacular beginning. You just need to begin with what you have.

On the back of the intro card, I attached a photo of the same dimension. I love to include photos in my album that actually live outside of page protectors. I chose a photo of our azaleas which are currently in bloom. They only bloom once a year, so these are really special to me.  I stamped the date on the journal card from the kit and included a selfie that I captured in the morning (dirty mirror and all!).

I used the same formula throughout the kit, which helped it come together pretty quickly. I used the "Story" journal cards to capture the time and chipboard stickers to lead my journaling for the day. I also used embellishments from the kit to make my photos stand out. Capturing the simple things from my day - my skincare products and current closet - may seem a bit boring, but I know in a few years, it will inevitably change. It's always a good idea to photograph "your stuff" - it tells a story too!

I had a total of 3 Zoom meetings that day. This is not normal for me, but part of my workday, so it was good to capture what life is like right now.

Grabbing a snack in between Zoom meetings and a 2nd cup of coffee. Don't forget to journal directly on your photos as well! The curve of a cup is always a great place. 

One last nugget that I did for Day In The Life this year that was new to me. I mostly used my iPhone for the day, and there is a "Live" setting. Instead of taking a photo, it captures a 3 second moving image. I brought all of those moments together for a quick video recap of my day. I've never done that before, but I love how the day comes to life in this format. 

I hope you were able to find a little joy + inspiration from my layouts. Thanks so much for checking out my album! 

If you are interested, you can find more of my work on my Instagram: @azzarijarrett

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4 thoughts

  1. sweetkathyj says…

    Your project is amazing, beautiful and so inspiring! Thank you so much for this peek into your day.

    Reply 1 Reply
    1. azzari says…

      Thank you so much!

  2. Elizabeth_Heinz says…

    I LOVE that idea of doing a short video recap. I've never done that before. Any tips?

    Reply 1 Reply
    1. azzari says…

      It was my first time as well! I actually switched the settings on my iPhone to capture "Live" photos, so there was no extra effort needed on my part. The iPhone capture a still image (for documenting) + a 3 second video clip automatically. Then, it was simply pulling them together into one video.

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