Pieces Of The Past 2022 | Prompt 02 : Most Loved Toy

Welcome back to our Pieces Of The Past series

Today's prompt: Most Loved Toy

This was so fun to think back about some of my favorite toys in my younger years. I picked five things to highlight but selecting just one and going deeper is another angle you can take depending on what story you want to tell within this project. 

I had one photo of myself with my favorite yellow bike (totally counting that as a toy) and I took a photo of the small yellow lion that I still have with me. The other three images were found online. I simply saved those to my desktop and then brought them together in Photoshop before printing. I used black puffy number stickers and the same number stamp font today along with the "growing up I loved" stamp from the Pieces Of The Past stamp set to create a home for my journaling. 

Here's a video about my process today: 

Here's a look at my notebook spread: 

Love how these notebooks can be a wonderfully simple home for our stories. Have fun with this one! 

Inks used here include Tim Holtz Scattered StrawTim Holtz Barn Door.

Next up: A Childhood Adventure


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7 thoughts

  1. Jeannew says…

    The picture of you with the bike is so great! My sister and I used to play Barbie’s the same way-set up clothes and organize. Fun memories!

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  2. HeatherByers2 says…

    Ha! How many of us are looking at these pictures saying, "I had that!" Love it!

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  3. jchurch2 says…

    You know you’re old when you have no recollection of toys from your youth. I feel every day of my 75 years with this post….and I have an excellent memory. I only remember playing outdoors morning till night, no props required. I think this will be a journal-heavy post.

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  4. PoochPatrol says…

    Adorable layout. I have a question: how do you get a plain white background from the pictures you found on the internet?

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    1. AliEdwards says…

      Those ones already had them - I just kept looking until I saw them (just searched google images).

  5. SFK14 says…

    Barbies & paper dolls for my sister and me was totally mostly the setup part too: which "girl" was going to have which clothes, what their names were, and whether they were going out to an event/date or to their job! And then we were pretty much done!

    What is the name of the song playing??? It's driving me crazy that I can't remember!

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  6. dpowersfabian says…

    I don't think the link for the Barn Door ink is actually what you used. It appears that you used the Archival ink in one of Tim's distress colors, Barn Door, which is a totally different type of ink as it is oil based. I have them and love them for small text! Tim just came out with a separate set of them as well. Good stuff!

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