In Case You Missed It | June 10

Happy Friday, friends! Welcome to the latest In Case You Missed It. Just a reminder that this is a quick post that will happen every Friday afternoon with all the updates and links that have happened throughout the week. So, let's get to it:


  • Our community documenting week for Week In The Life™ is quickly approaching! We hope you can join Ali beginning June 20th for our 7-day documenting project that invites you to capture the rhythm and basics of your life. We have lots of fun content planned to help support you as we gear up for this popular project.

  • Ali is sharing her 2022 album set up here.

  • Next week, our friend Kristin Tweedale will be hosting a series of LIVE chats on our Instagram account tackling three different aspects of Week In The Life™: Prep, Process, and Format. We're looking forward to taking a deep dive into each of these topics!

    Prep // happening on Tuesday 7pm ET with community members Megan Kiekel Anderson, Amber Dawson, and Steph Grimes.

    Process // happening on Wednesday 7pm ET with community members, Amanda Wilder, Holly DeVore, and Shu-Wen Tham.

    Format // happening on Friday 4pm ET with community members Megan Kiekel Anderson, Nolana Lynch, and Steph Grimes.

    Can’t join us live? Don’t worry! A recording of our conversation will be saved on our IG videos. Be sure to check out Kristin's awesome podcast, @craftyassfemale, where she's been sharing great #aeweekinthelife round table conversations, and an in-depth conversation with Ali.


  • Our 2022 Travel Release is now available in the shop. Find the collection here.


  • We’re excited to announce that four new travel-themed mini classes will be coming in late June! This year we are mixing things up, and instead of offering one travel class, we are offering four separate mini-classes based on the four different album options in our 2022 Travel Collection: Morgan Beal will be documenting a 2019 trip to Las Vegas using the 10x8 Buildable Album;  Neela Nalam will be documenting an Alaskan cruise in our 6x8 Linen Album; Jill Drangsholt will be using the Traveler’s Notebook to document a recent trip to Hawaii; Elizabeth Heinz will be using the 4x4 Buildable Album to document a mother son trip to Universal Studios. We can’t wait to see what these talented ladies have in store for us! These classes will be offered at a lower price point and available at a great price as a bundle. The self-paced format means that you will have access to all of the content immediately upon purchasing. More details, including registration information and supply lists, will be coming very soon!

As always, we’re so grateful to have you all as members of this community! Thanks for joining me today and have a great weekend!

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