Week In The Life™ 2022 | Special Guest Jennie Rey

Hi! Jennie here! I just finished my 2022 Week in the Life album and I’m so excited to share it with you!

Except for maybe one year, I’ve always documented my Week in the Life in the same week as Ali and the majority of the community. Nothing keeps me more motivated and excited than seeing all those photos and stories in my feed and reading Ali’s daily blog post. This year the documenting week was in a week that I would be traveling back from visiting my daughter in Bali so definitely not a typical week, but because it was also so fitting for our life right now (with half of our family on the other side of the world) I decided to just go for it and see how far I would get!

To be as prepared as possible (we’re also in the middle of selling our house/moving to a new apartment!) I decided on a ‘design formula’ before leaving on our trip to Bali so I knew what (and how many!) photos I would need and how I would like to approach my journaling. You can read all about it in this (add link: https://aliedwards.com/2022/06/week-in-the-life-2022-special-guest-jennie-rey) blog post. 

When I got back from Bali in the middle of documenting week I could slowly get back in my ‘normal’ routines and do bits of prep work on my album that didn’t require a lot of thinking or hard choices. 

So I made all of my divider pages, the pockets for the journaling, the vellum envelopes and I did a lot of the stamping. You can see a bit more of this process here.

With all my prep in place I started with selecting my photos. I used this year’s Week in the Life layered templates to mask my photos in those wonky shapes and hand cut them all (therapeutic ;-)!). I also used layered templates from last year to add some screenshots of my phone, and some pieces from Lisa’s variety pack layered templates.

Onto my journaling! During the documenting week I used the notes app on my phone to type out some things during the day, like one word for each day, the –ing words and some random things and at the end of each day I sat down and wrote about the day: what I wanted to remember of the day specific, some feelings and gratitudes and some little stories of right now. 

I used all those notes to work on my journaling for each day: I made a little summary to start my day with and filled in the little notebook I made for each day using the digital journal.

Last step was to add some of the ephemera I collected into my album. I used a 2x2 page protector to add a few more photos, a few of the (digital) vellum pieces and I added some of the things I collected to the back of a photo and cut it into the same wonky shape. If possible I tried to use pieces that were in the same color as the color I chose for the day. 

After all of the pieces were ready and in my album I thought about an intro page, I have one in most if not all of my albums. It was my plan to make a selfie of the three of us in the house and cut that one into a circle and cut some colored circles to create a page like the story chat logo (add link: https://www.instagram.com/p/CfB_tD0rlgy/). I eventually decided not to because a selfie of the three of us didn’t feel complete (without my daughter and her boyfriend) and I liked the divider page for Monday (with all the yellow that fitted the album so well!) as a start of my album.

So I called it done and that makes me so incredibly happy! Another little treasure to add to my collection!

This is how all of those pieces look together in my album:








If you would like to see more of my process in Photoshop or get some inspiration using digital kits you can check out my Hybrid All Year Round class

Or come find me on Instagram: @thereypie.

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  1. minkaclark says…

    Gorgeous. Always love your work Jennie.

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  2. LeanneBeasley says…

    Super inspiring! I think I might use your fabulous ideas for a travel album too! Thanks.

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  3. Craftyearth says…

    Such a beautiful album! This gives me so much inspiration for a vacation album that I'm about to start. Thanks for sharing your amazing ideas!

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  4. Lissette_Pellegrino says…

    Jennie your album is gorgeous! Beautiful, creative and inspirational.

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  5. hgauvin says…

    I love everything you make, Jennie. Such an awesome album!

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