Done By December | Special Guest Neela Nalam

I had the amazing privilege to be part of the December Daily Creative team last year. It was so much fun teaching product play lessons and inspiring and cheering on the DD community for this project.

I got a lot of pages done through the month but did not complete my December Daily Album for 2021. I thought I had a lot of pages to do and was putting it off, but when I went through my albums today, I realized that I don’t have that many pages to finish and I will definitely be able to finish this before December.

I luckily …. Hmm don’t know if I should say luckily, it’s more like lazily, haven’t put away all my December Daily supplies in boxes as I was hoping to finish my album. 9 months later and they are all still out. But I plan on taking this opportunity to join the team to be Done By December. I encourage any of with unfinished albums to join us in finishing your albums. Let’s cheer each other on.

I usually stop my December Daily on the 25th.  When I look back on the pages, I realize that the pages that didn’t get completed are more towards the end of the album as by that time, I was losing my mojo ( I had a pretty bad creative slump for about 4 months in the beginning of the year). Also the pages that I had grand plans for didn’t get completed either. So the lesson learned for this year’s DD album is to keep it simple especially during the month. Maybe the complicated pages could be setup before December begins … just writing down my thoughts here.

So in order to finish the rest of my pages, here are the steps that I plan on taking:

Identify the days that are missing Write down what story that I want to tell on each of the missing days Pick the photos for those days Keep the pages simple Finish, finish, finish

Here is a photo of the notes that I took while going through my album:

Here is a video of the days that I have completed so far:

You can find me on instagram at @neelanalam and YouTube – Neela Nalam. I hope to post my pages on instagram and a walkthrough of my finished album on YouTube.

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4 thoughts

  1. justlisa says…

    Your album is beautiful! I love all your ideas!

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    1. Neela says…

      Thank you!

  2. Birgitreizer says…

    Love your album Neela! How fun that your son got to participate in the Nutcracker - I went to that show (here in Sweden) with my daughter last year and she was mesmerized! We're going this year too. :D <3

    Love, Birgit

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    1. Neela says…

      Thank you Birgit!