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Story Play | Day In The Life™ Details

Mark your calendar for our first Story Play Week featuring our Day In The Life™ project (with the actual documenting day happening on Saturday, April 1st). ⁠

⁠Each day during the week leading up to the documenting day I’ll be sharing a video on YouTube + my blog with some ideas and inspiration related to Day In The Life™. ⁠This year we are using the lens of color as a way to tell the story of our day. I’ll share how I’m setting up my project + my documenting approach during the video on Tuesday during the Story Play Week. ⁠ 

If you missed out on the physical kit you can grab the digital version here or use your stash! 

You can see our complete Story Play Collection here

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4 thoughts

  1. CarolineMcD says…

    So looking forward to documenting this day in the life through the colours lens. I'll be travelling down to London for the day which is not my norm so it'll be nice to capture.

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  2. 19Amy says…

    What size album do people usually use for day in the life?

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    1. AliEdwards says…

      This year I'm adding all my Story Play stories to a 6x8 album. In the past we've done a variety of sizes - including adding page protectors into a larger album, a 4x6 album, and a 3x8 album.

  3. mom2oscar says…

    April is going to be such a fun month of documenting. I'm even digging out my "real" camera for both Day and Week In the Life. I have just one question... why is there never any purple???

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