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Jumping In To Daily Pages

For a long time now my friend Kristin Tweedale of The Awesome Ladies Project has been doing a project called Daily Pages. I've watched her express her creativity and tell her story using this method for years and now feels like a good time and season for me to play in this format. She's got a free 5-day email intro into the project if you are interested here

What I'm loving about this little weekday practice for myself is the simplicity and that they are basically short stories. It's a fun way to use up my stash and play around with items on my table and capture a story - getting something out of my head/heart and onto a page, regardless of the size, is something I have long loved about memory keeping + creativity. I also love how it feels like it frees me up creatively before I sit at my desk. I've felt this way before when I've done Morning Marks or art journaling too. 

I'm following Kristin's lead and using small Field Notes notebooks.  

Here's a video that compiles my first six little adventures: 

And here's a look at the individual pages: 

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3 thoughts

  1. ScrappinMyHeartOut says…

    It's so wonderful to create spontaneously and purely for fun! Wishing you playtime as often as possible, Ali!

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    1. AliEdwards says…

      Thank you!

  2. gretta2 says…

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