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Explore Story Kit + August Stories By The Month

Today's the 10th of the month and that means a new  Story KitStory Stamp, and Stories By The Month kit

This month we are focusing on stories related to the theme of Explore.

To explore is to travel in or through an unfamiliar area in order to learn about it. To explore can also mean to examine or evaluate or discuss something in detail. This month we are diving into our own stories of exploring from the past and the present. This is a great kit for supporting stories of adventure and travel and also stories of exploring who we are in this season of life. 

Initial story ideas for this theme include:

  • What are you currently exploring in your life? Places, thoughts, foods, etc.
  • Document an outdoor adventure. Where did you explore and what did you love about the experience? 
  • Make a list of the places you'd like to explore. 


The Story Kit™ includes: 

Here's a video overview of the  Story Kit™ and Add-On options this month:


The Stamp Set:

Here's a video overview of the Story Stamp:


Here's a look at what's included in the Digital Story Kit™:

Your digital kit and the classroom and any Add-Ons purchased will be available to you on the 12th once your card has been charged for the month. This kit is also available to physical kit subscribers as an Add On each month. 

Here are a few project samples from Ali: 

Again, thanks so much for subscribing and/or considering our Story Subscription program! If you have any questions about this program please let us know below in the comments. 


Here is a full look at the kit this month: 

The kit now includes a sheet of vellum or transparency (sized outside the page protector in a 6 inch x 8 inch album), a pattern paper, a 3 inch x 8 inch (outside the page protector) journal card with the month at the top which will be repeated each month, a 3 inch x 4 inch stamp set, chipboard, 4, 3 inch x 4 inch journal cards, 3, 4 inch x 6 inch journal cards and an embellishment. 

And a video overview:

This subscription is a great option for those who are looking to tell more calendar/everyday life sorts of stories. 


Our Digital Stories By The Month™ kit is now called Inspiration By The Month™. With this subscription you receive access to the Inspiration By The Month™ classroom and the digital kit.  This kit is also available to physical Stories By The Month™ kit subscribers as an Add On each month.


Those white vellum numbers are awesome! They would make a great addition to your December Daily® stash. 


This stamp set is available to subscribers to add to their box during the Add On period and  also offered in the shop for anyone else!

Here's a video of Ali using this set to create some repeated journaling cards: 

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9 thoughts

  1. ahiggins83 says…

    Love the explore kit!! The colors, chipboard and papers are just perfect!

    Reply 1 Reply
    1. AliEdwards says…

      Me too! It's definitely in my top favorites!

  2. laura_g_ says…

    I'm not a fan of the black papers...or the dark green...I do love the 3x4 card with the painted trees. I'm hoping to make a 8x11.5 page out of that. I get the digi kit, so I'm hoping to tweak the black explore paper into beige or green. 🙂

    Reply 0 Replies
  3. denine2 says…

    Totally looking forward to the Explore theme! Sidebar: I looked at the upcoming themes, and I would have bet my house that "wonder" not "wander" was one of them. I remember seeing that and looking forward to it. Or maybe I didn't? Maybe it was just a suggestion on the FB page? Perhaps a dream? Insanity?

    Reply 0 Replies
  4. PamBaldwin says…

    I was holding off on purchasing the travel main and mini kits in hope that they might be available in the add-on section this month (to save a bit on shipping) :s Any chance they might show up before the add-on period ends?

    Reply 2 Replies
    1. AliEdwards says…

      Hi! They won't be added to the Add On period.

    2. PamBaldwin says…

      Okay, thanks for the reply Ali :)

  5. nicholemoses says…

    Random comment in context of blog post Ali, but wasn’t sure where to direct this question… Not sure if you’re still doing Project Life actually. Do you happen to know where I could find / buy Becky Higgins Project Life brand clear frosted plastic 12 x 12 three ring binder album dividers. The ones originally produced 2011? I thought if anyone would know of resources to find / buy potentially discontinued or after-market product, it would be you. I can’t find them anywhere, either in-store or online. The ones available in Becky Higgins website are not same as previous first production product. I am hoping to find ones produced and sold from 2011. He might be asking yourself. Why don’t you email Becky Higgins online store. I did message her site, and customer service was not very knowledgeable.

    Reply 1 Reply
    1. AliEdwards says…

      Hi! I haven't seen any of those available for a number of years now. If I was searching I'd look on eBay or maybe on some Project Life Facebook Groups. If there are any still out there people in those groups might know.

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