Ali's Completed Circle Shaker Advent Calendar

Welcome to a follow-up post on my Circle Shaker Advent Calendar using the number cards from the packaging of our 2023 Sticker Advent Calendar

Check out my first post on this project here which details the beginning of the process. 

After completing all the shakers from part one this project I moved on to the 2 inch prompt circles for the back. I printed out the PDF you can download below and punched out each prompt circle using a 2 inch circle punch. Next I adhered each circle to the back of the shaker circles (on the pattern paper side). Before adhering I laid out all the prompts so I could decide which ones I wanted during the first half of the month and which ones I wanted during the second half of the month. 

Download the PDF of circle prompts here.

As I was thinking through ideas for how to display/hang these I decided to try pinning them all to a cork board. I laid them all out and found that they could all fit on a 24x18 cork board which I ordered from Amazon. I liked that it was something that could hang downstairs and all we'd have to do was turn one over each day. I also like that at the end of the season I can bag up the circles for storage and re-use the cork board in a different spot in our house. I used these white circle push pins to hang them on the cork board. 

Here's a fun little video I put together to share on Instagram showing where I'm going to hang it in my house in December.

It was such a fun, crafty project! I can't wait to hang it up "for real" when I start putting up my Christmas stuff (which this year I'm pretty sure I'm going to do early). 


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4 thoughts

  1. HollyK says…

    Really fun and great idea! Thanks for another awesome idea.

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  2. prettyplease says…

    Love this project so much Ali!

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  3. AnnetteH says…

    Yes Yes Yes! Love this so much Ali! Thank you for the prompts too! They are so great...a mix of simple and a little more creative. So so fun. Might really have to try this! Thanks!

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  4. TwilaY says…

    Love it! It looks so cheerful!

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