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Story Play | Little Moments Prompt: Around The House

Welcome back to our Story Play Little Moments series

As I was thinking about what story I'd like to tell with the Little Moments pattern paper I decided to take a walk around my house and capture some little moments.

I knew I wanted to keep my projects fairly simple for this series and I love having pattern papers that guide me through the process of getting my story told. We do have a few of the Story Play Mini Kit bundles available if you want the physical version of this kit and we also have the digital version available

I stood in my office and started taking photos of little areas, views I enjoy, little things that have been clustered together in the cocoon of my office. They are pieces of my own "whole" around here - little (and big) corners that I live with all the time but may or may not actively recognize as something I love about my environment. My goal was to simply capture some of the things that exist in my spaces. Read below for other ideas of little things (categories) you might want to document around your house.


Grab your camera and walk around your home. Take photos of the little things that are important to you. Use the pattern paper from the Mini Kit or create your own grid of photos to document this story. You might find you want to do this for each room in your house or some other sub category - maybe choose a color to focus on or things from your childhood or things that include text, etc. Have fun! Let yourself be an explorer in your own space.

Some things to think about: 

  • What is your house have you never taken a photo of but maybe you look at every single day? 
  • What are the little corners you love? 
  • What are the patterns or colors you love in your house? 
  • Are there little treasures around your house that are meaningful only to you? 
  • Focus on documenting + celebrating what is already in your house vs. focusing on what you wish it looked like or wish you had. This can be one of those added benefits of memory keeping that shifts our perspective for the better. 

Here's today's video which includes a look at how I crop + edit my photos for this kind of project: 

Now let's move on to the images of this project: 

My photos were cropped to 1.75 inches x 1.5 inches (to fit into the white spaces on the pattern paper) and adhered using foam adhesive. 

I paired my full page of photos with the floral vellum from the kit. To hold my journaling I created a flip open card using cardstock and red line tape and an extra sentiment card from my stash. I added yellow scalloped washi tape along the outside edge. 

I added one of the "details" chipboard pieces to the top of my journal card and ran that through my sewing machine. I love the added texture and the pop of yellow color. 

Sometimes it's the simplest projects are the ones I love most. I love how this page turned out and the photos I collected and the colors and the repeated shapes. 

Have fun with this one!


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11 thoughts

  1. slflatley says…

    Always love this prompt! I definitely want to do my daughters room… I recently went in and saw she had framed several pictures of her little brother throughout her space. I hadn’t noticed them before… it was a cup-runneth-over kind of moment.

    Reply 2 Replies
    1. lcp6272 says…

      That is SO SWEET

    2. AliEdwards says…

      I love that.

  2. kjjennings says…

    Love this prompt and there are so many ways it can be used. I am planning on using this in my December Daily album to either capture my craft table and room during this season or little moments that are unique to this season. Thank you for sharing :)

    Reply 1 Reply
    1. AliEdwards says…

      I think it would be perfect in December Daily!

  3. cjflynn09 says…

    Love this way this turned out!! Between the grid of photos and the way you used 3x4 journal cards -- so great.

    Reply 1 Reply
    1. AliEdwards says…

      Thank you!

  4. lcp6272 says…

    Totally went home after work yesterday and took photos from around the house. I looked at it from the "evidence of" perspective - evidence I have teenagers, evidence the dog was here, evidence my husband is preparing for deer hunting this weekend, evidence of the things I love. It was SO FUN!!! LOVED the idea!

    Reply 1 Reply
    1. AliEdwards says…

      Love that you took the idea and ran with it! Yes - evidence!

  5. paminsc says…

    Very inspirational. Looking forward to taking some photos around my house during the day this weekend. We moved into a new house a few months ago and I haven't done much documenting of our new space yet so this will be fun.

    Reply 0 Replies
  6. run_pump_scrap says…

    Loved this one! I did Little Moments of Thanksgiving - and when I started laying it out I thought "no way - the colors don't go" but in the end I love the look and it was perfect way to tell this story via little moments that went into our little family of 3 having a quiet Thanksgiving together.

    Reply 0 Replies

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